Where do I list my apartment? More than 140 alternatives to Airbnb… for everyone

As you may already know, each day there are more diverse options when it comes to choosing where to promote and list your holiday rental online with the objective of attracting guests.

But you do not know all the available options.

Considering that there are thousands and thousands of different platforms and OTAs, we can find one for everyone, from those who want to make you feel at home, to those where you can live like a local or even stay with your pet.

There really are many different alternatives to staying in a hotel. That is the reason why Cohosting has compiled for you more than one hundred holiday rental platforms, similar to Airbnb, where you can promote your apartment.

The idea behind this article is not to elaborate an extensive guide about each platform, but to build a list as diverse and holiday-rental-oriented as possible. In addition, for each OTA you will find different points that will help you understand in one glance each one’s concept.

If your accommodation is adventure-oriented…

In this section, we are going to talk about where you can list you holiday accommodation when it is oriented towards those who are looking for a place where they can practice sports such as ski, those who want to take their holidays to the next level by staying on unconventional places or to have a more entertaining experience. If you property falls into one of these categories, take advantage of it so it can get to the appropriate public.

1. Travelmob

Travelmob is part of HomeAway. It was originally created to provide the traveller with a unique experience in Asia, their management area.

Nowadays, you can find accommodations almost anywhere in the world.

They have different filters where you can find from cottages to igloos

2. Homestay

International. With a signature style.
They provide a “Inspire me” option, where you can see different destination with several apartments.

They have few filters but you can divide the city by area.

You can rent from houses to a whole apartment, or even just rooms.

3. Overnight

Modern and innovative, they are known almost as a social network for guests and hosts.

To access it, you need to join a community or create your own.

Each group has a theme and it can be shared among friends or with the whole network.

It is a great concept that brings a better atmosphere and more trust to the accommodation rental world.

4. Campin Mygarden

This is a peculiar platform where, instead of renting an apartment or a room, you can rent a garden.

A different and cheaper way of travelling.

You can choose anything from a basic camping to a glamorous one, depending on your budget.

Each garden comes with a description.

They call themselves micro-campings.

5. Hostelbookers

Hostel and hotel booking website, aimed at backpackers and students. In fact, they have a price limit of 70€.

Hotels and hostels from all around the world.

Standard platform design to book and rent.

6. HomeliDays

They are part of the HomeAway group.

This holiday rental platform offers anything from apartments to bungalows, castles, chalets or mobile homes. You can also choose between beaches, mountains, lakes or themes like golf, hiking or ski, among others.

Standard holiday rental accommodation platform design.

Apartments all over the world.

7. Travanto

They are known for being one of the biggest online service providers in Germany and they look for the best accommodations according to the needs of the guest.

They provide holiday rentals in Europe.

8. TravelSki

They are part of the Travel Factory group.

Their concept is skiing holidays.

From professionals to amateurs, at TravelSki you can find the perfect place for you while you enjoy an unforgettable experience in the snow.

Among their accommodations you can find apartments, resorts, hotels, chalets or vacation clubs, located inside winter sport complexes.

9. Golden Voyages

They are a part of the Travel Factory group.

They are a travel agency specialised on student life, targeted to young people between 18 and 25 years old, with an offer that can adapt to every budget, providing unique experiences.

Among those activities you can find ski holidays, trips to famous cities and themed weekends in different places.

10. Morning Croissant

With more than 10.000 accommodations in different places, Morning Croissant is known for simplifying, digitizing and providing a rental experience.

One of their differentiators is the easiness to know more about a place without visiting it, since they provide videos and 3D visits.

Attractive and simple design.

11. Pierre and Vacances

Holiday aparthotel rental, for both long and short term stays.

Family holiday oriented.

They offer accommodation on ski resorts.

They have a “deals” sections.

Their webpage has a user-friendly design.

12. Villapolis

Their style can be a bit overwhelming at first due to the large amount of text that predominates over imagenes. However, it is worth navigating on to find your ideal destination in Europe.

They offer cottages, chalets and mansions. In addition, the prices go from great deals to luxury houses.

For Golf lovers, you can find a several destinations where you can play it.

They have plenty of filters.

If most of your guests are families…

This section is recommended for those who wish to offer a family setting. Therefore, facilities and useful elements must be taking into account in order to have a nice and comfortable stay, for both parents and children. Without forgetting about the activities that can be shared with your family at the chosen destination, creating a nice place. If you accommodation is family-oriented, you will be interested in visiting these websites to give your accommodation even more visibility.

13. HomeAway

One of the big giants of the travel world.

With a more standard design, they offer all kind of accommodations and destinations.

They provide several filters so you can find the perfect place to stay.
Your listing will have more visibility here than at other platforms.

14. Stayz

Owned by HomeAway, this holiday accommodation rental platform is the number one in Australia.

Their fresh and clean style invites you to looking for a holiday property in Australia.

They have various useful filters and detailed information of each apartment.

15. HouseTrip

Owned by TripAdvisor, it is one of the biggest property rental platform in the world. They have a standard design.

They have several useful filters for a more specific search.

They work with apartments all over the world.

16. Muchosol

They offer holiday homes, apartments and summer houses rental.

Colourful platform of holiday rental all around the world.

They have recommendations of places to visit based on the travellers’ plan: summer, family destinations and city breaks.

17. Familinktravel.org

Family-oriented Italian home exchange platform –

Their platform has a plain design.

18. Knok

Knok is a network specialised on family trips.

They provide guides with family-oriented plans, reliable babysitters, cleaning service and local chefs.

This is a private web that can only be accessed if you register, using a Facebook or Gmail account.

Created by families for families.

19. Kid&Coe

Holiday rental platform aimed at families with kids. All the accommodations are suitable for children.

You can find rentals, hotels and home exchange.

Modern, appealing and user-friendly design.

20. Vacation rentals

Owned by HomeAway Family.

You can choose between apartments, chalets, castles, houses and more. They also have different options with views at the mountains, a lake, the beach or other locations. It depends on your chosen destination.

21. VRBO

Also owned by HomeAway Family.

They provide family holiday rental. Most of the houses and apartments listed on VRBO are big with outdoor areas where the children can play.

22. Touricoholidays

Touricoholidays is a travel company that provides holiday rentals in different parts of the world, activities (guided tours, theme parks, water sports), airport pick-up service and cruises.

To navigate their web and discover all their deals you need to create and account.

23. Traum Ferienwohnungen

Traum Ferienwohnungen is a platform that connects guests with hosts.

Since they have accommodations in all the continents, you will have a wide variety to choose from so you can find your ideal destination.

They search filter has alternatives if you travel with a baby, your family or your pet, which gives you a more personalised experience.

User-friendly platform.

24. Vacaciones-España

Holiday houses platform in Spain.

They have more than 16.000 houses all around the country.

They reservation is made directly with the owner.

They provide a detailed description of the apartment or villa. The facilities, the surroundings, if pets are allowed or not, among other options that will help you make your choice.

Eye-catching design where pictures take the main spot.

25. Mediavacaciones

Online booking platform.

Their platform has a plain design.

They operate on the main European countries.

If your guests can bring their pets…

If you are pet-friendly you will understand the needs of your guests. Therefore, there is a section dedicated just for accommodation listings that allow dogs, so travellers can have a complete experience knowing where they are accepted with their pets.

26. Hotdogholidays

This platform is focused on looking for holiday apartments, hotels, chalets and cottages where guests can bring their pets.

HotDogHoliday finds apartments where pets are allowed in many European countries.

In addition, it has a section where you can learn more about travelling through Europe with your pet and all the needed requirements.

27. Turismo con Perros

It focuses on accommodations where dogs are allowed.

They offer apartments, hotels, camping and houses all around Spain where pets are welcome.

If you want a cultural immersion…

This section shows the possibility of hosting someone in your house or doing a room exchange. You can algo find cottages with the aim of creating a close connection between guest and host. The goal is to share experiences between locals and travellers.

28. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing allows you to dive into a new adventure where you can meet people from different countries that are looking for a cheap place to sleep.

The couchsurfing offers events where they know each other.

This is another example of how an exchange web has turned into a community. This is a platform that focuses on backpacking young people that care more about the travelling experience that the comfort of a home.

It has more similarities with a social network that a OTA.

29. TalkTalk Bnb

A somewhat different platform, ideal for those who want to meet new people and cultures. They offer the option of hosting or travelling and that is the start of the adventure.

Their web is user-friendly since it looks like a social network.

Their goal is to host travellers. Instead of the “hosting-money” exchange, they provide a language exchange experience.

This way, young people that want to see the world, but do not have enough money, can do it.

In exchange, you can learn a new language.

30. Room4Exchange

Another unique platform, for those who travel in a different way.

Travel by exchanging your room. You offer the location of your room and where you want to travel.

No money is exchanged among its members.

Created for young people with low purchasing power.

It has a basic and user-friendly webpage.
At the moment, it only has seven European cities.

31. Nightswapping

Nightswapping encourages the “night exchange”, where guests or owners collect nights each time they host someone on their property. This way, they can exchange them after with other properties listed on the webpage for free.

Another innovative way of travelling spending as less as possible.

Their webpage is pretty stylish.

32. Homeexchange

Intercambio de casas is the Spanish version of Home Exchange, where owner offer their houses for nothing in return. You can contact hosts and guests to verify that everything is fine.

The webpage is a little old-fashioned but very comfortable and user-friendly.

You need to pay and annual fee of 130€.

33. Travelmob

Travelmob is part of the HomeAway Family.

Holiday rental accommodation platform.

They have several filters that make the search easier.

They work with apartments all over the world.

34. Housing Anywhere

Housing Anywhere is a platform where people can list their rooms so they can be rented by international students.

Perfect for both long and short term stays.

They have more than 300 cities.

They collaborate with the universities of some of these cities so the room exchange can be more easy.

Intuitive and user-friendly web with a simple design.

If your guests usually come to relax…

With more diverse options, this section gives you some alternatives to list those accommodations that are perfect to enjoy, relax and break out of the routine. There are apartments listed but, mainly, you can find beachfront or mountain houses for a romantic getaway or a romantic trip.

35. Spain-Holiday.com

They specialise in holiday rentals in Spain.

On their platform, you can search based on the type of accommodation you want. Whether it is a beachfront house or a city apartment.

Bookings can be made directly with the owner, who can recommend places to visit to the guest.

36. Locasun

It has holiday houses on the mountains, the countryside or by the sea.

They operate in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Croatia.

Among the search options, you can choose to stay on a 1 to 5 stars place.

37. Interhome

Interhome has an appearance ill-suited to new technologies, which makes it not very user-friendly at first sight. However, it stands out for the wide variety of apartments and destinations.

It has a big filter board. From the type of property to the distance from the sea, a lake or the town.

Ideal for a summer vacation, since their listings are mainly oriented to the sea.

38. Escapade

Holiday rental platform working mainly in Spain.

They stand out for their apartments and villas on the Mediterranean coast.

Simple webpage with few filters.

39. Bedycasa

A platform that provides the option of choosing if you want to stay on an apartment or a holiday rental, host families, private rooms, cottages or hostels.

Endless ways of travelling without the need of a hotel.

40. FotoCasa

FotoCasa is a platform that works with rental and selling of houses, garages, establishments, warehouses and offices all around Spain.

They provide a series of photographs that allows the traveller to know more about the place they are looking for. A comfortable alternative to choose the best property and be sure of their actions.

Easy and user-friendly webpage.

41. Top Rural

Part of the HomeAway family.

This is a platform where you can book cottages.

They work with accommodations located on European countries.

In addition, it has sections where you can get inspiration, deals or recommendations.

The design is typical of a holiday rental platform but with a touch of green that gives then a fresh appearance.

42. Atraveo

They web design makes it easier to look for your dream destination.

In addition to the apartments listings, Atraveo invites you to plan your trip with a section where you can get inspiration.

43. Poplidays

This is a online holiday rental booking platform for Spain and France.

Highlights are the seafront and mountain houses.

They web design has an standard template for this kind of platform, with the usual useful filters.

44. Villa altea

It is a villa rental platform for Spain’s Costa Blanca, Burgundy, and northern Netherlands.

It is 100% focused on holiday rentals, providing apartments and chalets where you can relax and rest.

You can also find additional information about the chosen destination.

They have a section with houses for sale on each area.

The webpage is intuitive and practical.

45. Vacances Location

French holiday rental platform.

They offer houses, apartments and chalets, for a trip to the sea or to enjoy the snow.

They include a very useful map where you can choose your destination.

They work with accommodations in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

46. FlatsAway

Holiday rental accommodations OTA in Miami.

They offer houses, apartments and car rental.

Vero professional design.

Among their search filters you can find the type of property or the features of the house: wifi, air conditioner, grill, and many other necessary aspects.

47. Holiday beach rentals

This is a platform that works with beachfront houses and apartments, in Panama city Beach.

You can choose all kind of properties and their distance from the sea.

Easy and user-friendly webpage.

48. Casa Mundo

Website for holiday rentals in Europe.

They have more than 700.000 accommodations that you can choose from.

You can find options for a romantic getaway, family trip or if you travel with your pet.

Easy-to-navigate platform.

49. Case Vacanza

They have more than 100.000 holiday rentals in Europe.

Among their listings you can find chalets, country houses, apartments and seafront villas.

Their webpage has a section dedicated to places and activities in Italy.

Attractive and practical design.

50. Costa del Home

Rent and sale platform in Spain.

They filters allow you to search based on the type of property, the price and the number of rooms.

They provide a detailed description of the chosen property, both the interior and the outside of the location.

51. IHA

Short term house rental listings.

They operate in 190 countries.

Among their options you can find cottages and bed and breakfast.

IHA offers themed stays.

When you search by destination, you have a list of options: weekend getaway, deals, accommodations with parking, pool, and many more.

52. Vacation Home Rentals

Part of the TripAdvisorRentals group.

Among their rentals you can choose between a private island, a chalet, a central city studio or a beachfront house.

Depending on the chosen place, you can find detailed information about the destination, lifestyle and places to visit.

Easy and user-friendly platform.

Do you host medium-high level professionals?

There is nothing better than going on a trip and having the comforts of a luxury hotel without being at one. A different alternative to provide the best services to the guests. In addition, this section offers stays for business trips, whether it is long or short term stays. Specially for those who prefer to have their own space.

53. Rentalia

Owned by Idealista, they have a clean and modern, standard for OTAs, style. Very intuitive and user-friendly.

They offer properties in Spain, Italy, France, Andorra, Croatia, Portugal and Slovenia.

They have several, very useful, filters.

Focusing on holidays, they mostly offer luxury and modern accommodations.

54. BeMate

Nice and stylish platform for holiday rental accommodations. They check their properties in detail before uploading them to their web.

As of now, they work in 10 European and American cities.

The accommodations listed here are deluxe.

55. OneFineStay

OneFineStay is an elegant platform of luxury holiday rental properties that offers private houses for tourists, without giving up the services of a five-star hotel.

Among these you can find bedding change, private chef or cleaning team.

They have a clear and elegant webpage.

56. Rusticae

Rusticae is a booking platform for hotels, houses and apartments with a rustic charm.

They make a tour of all the hotels, apartments and houses through their pictures.

They have a standard web design.

57. Rentals Combined

They offer high quality rental properties for both business trips and holidays.

They provide security and tranquility to all travellers from the moment the reservation is made.

They have long and short term stays and accommodations all over the world.

Their search filter has the necessary options for a good stay.

Simple design.

58. Magic Stay

They specialise in business trips.

Apart from offering different accommodation options, they also have a guide of the festivals and events that take place at the chosen destination.

59. Escalea

Escalea is a platform for holiday rentals.

They offer premium accommodations.

Their destinations include the Alps, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Florence.

60. 2nd Address

Focusing on business trips for long term stays.

They operate on the United States.

They have apartments, condominiums and different types of houses, including premium.

Depending on the desired experience, the guest can choose an accommodation with a kitchen, laundry room, or other commodities.

If you want your guest to feel at home…

In this section, we talk about the website where you can list a property with similar feature to an Airbnb, where guests want to stay in nice place where they feel at home, with different alternatives regarding services and commodities.

61. Airbnb

Airbnb is the most famous OTA, a groundbreaker of these type of platforms. They have a clean, very intuitive, user-friendly style.

They turned their web into a community for guests and hosts.

International, you can rent your property to people from all around the world.

They only negative point is that it is hard to get visibility with all the amount of listings they have, but that can be easily fixed with the new filters they are going to add.

62. Plusholidays

Experts on holiday rental houses on Calp, Benissa, Alpe and Moraira.

Plusholidays want the guest to feel at home.

Their offer rental chalets, villas, single family houses or bungalows.

With their search filtre you can find an accommodation that allows pets, has a great capacity, is located on the countryside or has an ocean view.

63. 9flats

Their motto is “feel like home away from home”.

Holiday rentals from a luxury seafront accommodation to a room in a central apartment.

They have several filters.

Using the same design as most of these platforms, simple and useful, but not very original.

They work with apartments all over the world.

64. Way to Stay

Platform for holiday rental accommodations.

User-friendly web design.

They have filters that make the accommodation search easier.

They want you to have an experience that makes you feel at home.

65. Travel Staytion

More than holidays, Travel Station wants the traveller to have an experience that makes them feel at home.

Through their platform you can rent a holiday accommodation for short term stays.

Among their search options, you can choose the number of rooms you need.

User-friendly and appealing design.

Easy to navigate website.

66. Niumba

Owned by TripAdvisor.

Holiday rental accommodations platform, whose bigger market is Spain, since 79% of their properties have Spanish owners.

They have a simple and stylish design, that uses their corporate colours (orange and red).

They offer all kind of apartments.

They have several useful filters so you can highlight those more suited to your search.

If your accommodations are mostly apartments…

A section 100% focused on rental apartments that has a wide variety for the needs of every guest. This way, you property will be more visible since it will be focused on an specific interest of the public.

67. Wimdu

They call themselves the cheapest apartment search engine.

At Wimdu, you can find everything from an entire apartment to shared or private rooms. As well as boats and yachts.
It is mainly cheaper than other platforms.

They have listings from different countries.

Several filters that make you accommodation more visible.

68. Flipkey

Owned by TripAdvisor Rentals.

They have search filters so you can find your ideal apartment. In this case, to make your accommodation more visible.

They have countless destinations all around the world.

The webpage is only available in English.

69. Migoa

This platform for rental apartments is owned by only-apartments.

Rough design but very useful and intuitive with many filters.

They operate in European countries, offering apartments, houses and villas.

70. Only-Apartments

Holiday rental apartments platform for short stays all around the world.

They have different filters and a standard web design.

They offer free cancellations.

71. Habitat apartments

Rental apartments company located based in Barcelona.

They offer accommodations in Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Florence, Valencia and Marbella.

Their search filter has options for the apartment that will make your stay more enjoyable.

72. Flats and more

Platform for holiday rental apartments, mainly in Spain.

Standard design for an OTA.

They have filters that help you minimise the search.

73. Acomodeo

Online platform for long term stay apartments.

They have apartments in more than 106 countries.

They stand out for having apartments with services like cleaning, laundry, maintenance, towels, etc. They are equipped with a kitchen and work spaces, with makes the stay more enjoyable.

Elegant design that makes it easier to navigate.

74. Central London Apartments

Luxury rental apartments in London.

They provide the commodities of a hotel while you feel at home.

They have a section about recommended places to visit.

They design of the platform is elegant, intuitive and easy to navigate.

Their search filter allows you to know many different things like if pets are allowed, if they have a gym, bar, garden, or many other aspects that will make you have a nicer stay.

75. City base Apartments

They offer rental apartments for long and short term stays in different parts of the world.

Since they want the guest to have a nice experience, they provide different commodities and services like more space, security and privacy.

Among the things you can find while you look for the apartment, you have health and security options: smoke alarm, electronic cards and fire blankets.

76. Spot a Home

Spot A Home does not only care about rental accommodations, but also about new houses on the most popular places for medium and long term stays.

They offer rental apartments, studios, rooms and student dorms.

In order to give travellers security, they have a detailed description of the apartment and neighbourhood. They also have a guided video visit so you can discover every corner.

If your guests come to discover the city…

Your accommodation can be more appealing when is listed in one of this holiday rental platforms. The guest wants to look for not only where to stay but also activities they can do to keep exploring the place. They also offer full services that include plane tickets, guided tours and much more.

77. Idealista

You can choose between buying, renting or sharing different types of properties (garages, new construction, offices, etc.) in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Very user-friendly website.

78. LaComunity

Their main destinations are London, New York, Madrid, Rome, Barcelona and Dubrovnik.

Searching by area can be a bit difficult. Their platform is not user-friendly when it comes to find the right place easily.

They have a special section for spring/summer destinations.

79. Minube

Minube is a community of traveller where different people share their opinion about a certain destination, which gives you more information about the place you want to visit.

It works as inspiration to decide where you want to travel next.

This platform can help you organize your trip by discovering what you can do at the chosen destination: hotels, apartments (from Booking), which activities they can do, restaurants, flights, maps and much more.

All this with a easy-to-use and very intuitive design.

80. Behomm

House exchange platform for artists and designers.

In order to access you need an invitation.

They operate in more than 30 countries.

81. Yaencontre

This platform allows you to choose if you want to share, rent (with option to buy) or transfer.

You can choose between houses, land, offices or a new construction.

They only work with Spanish accommodations.

They have many filters so you can have a more optimal search.

82. Vibbo

Vibbo is an second-hand online sale and rental platform for all kind of products, from cars to furniture, clothes, items for children, and more.

Regarding properties, they offer establishments, offices, houses and apartments.

They have standard filters: location, type of transaction and advertiser.

83. e-domizil

With an old-fashioned design, although very user-friendly, e-domizil is a holiday rental accommodation platform.

They do not have a wide range, but they work on several countries around the world.

You can choose between a house or holiday apartments.

Among their filters you can find options like features and distance from the sea or lakes.

84. TripAdvisor Rentals

Part of TripAdvisor.

This is a stay search engine. Hence, you can find an apartment, a single room or a hotel. They also include flights, activities, restaurants and other services.

85. Booking

Booking.com works both with holiday apartments and hotels.

They have a wide variety of filters that make the search for the ideal accommodation easier.

They have flight and car rental comparison and a restaurant section that takes you to OpenTable with reviews about them.

It is a well-known website that works for its easiness and wide range.

86. Proactivevacations

Rental properties platform that works exclusively at the Holden Beach area in North Carolina.

They offer apartments and houses in a different way. Instead of choosing by area, you do it by theme or location.

All properties have a good location, near Holden Beach.

They have a map on their webpage that tell you all the activities you can do on the area.

87. Connect Villas

Holiday properties booking platform in Spain, including the Canary Islands, and some European cities.

They also offer flights and rental cars.

They have an optimal and modern design.

88. Novasol-Vacaciones

Novasol is a holiday rental platform that has accommodations in different European countries.

Depending on the chosen destination, they show a small description of the place, from the landscape to all the tourist places you can visit.

89. Despegar.com

Holiday rental platform.

They have both holiday rentals and car rental.

They have several filters that make you search easier.

They offer destinations all over the world.

Easy-to-use and intuitive.

90. Abritel.fr (French HomeAway)

Owned by the American company HomeAway, they offer accommodations for families and groups of friends. They operate from their offices in Paris and Marseilles.

They have 110.000 accommodations in France.

They offer destinations all around the world.

They have the same filters and as HomeAway, and it works the same way.

91. Flat4day

Holiday rental houses, apartments and villas network.

They have a wide range of destinations. Among them, you can find Turkey, Europe and regions of the Middle East.

Flat4day, in partnership with HomeAway, brings a full experience to the hosts, so they have more access to travellers.

They have a filter that helps with a more specific search.

92. Travelopo

They have properties in 192 countries.

To bring a full experience, they also allow you to book flights, cars and airport tranfers.

You can choose between seafront villar or ski resorts.

After finding the destination, they give you a complete description of the area: food recommendations, activities and places to visit.

93. Locatour

Holiday rental leader in France and Spain.

Camping, houses, holiday clubs, at the mountain, seafront, city or countryside. Locatour has more than 2000 holiday destinations in France and Spain.

94. Last Minute

Last Minute is a platform that want to make the life of the travellers easier through technology.

Their webpage allows you to manage and book hotels, cars, cruises and flights.

The design of their platform is user-friendly.

95. Ferien hausmiente

It has 40.000 properties in different parts of the world so you can find the ideal holiday house or apartment.

Direct contact with the owner.

They have a section dedicated to special deals.

Easy-to-use and intuitive.

96. BestDay

Travel agency that offers accommodation in hotels, and temporary stays in houses and apartments.

Among their services you can find full holiday plans that include flights, tours, transfers and car rental.

They have a special section for deals.

Easy-to-use platform.

97. Expedia

Online travel guide.

They have different holiday options so traveller can create the ideal plan, since they have different ideas of all the places they can visit.

They offer hotels and holiday rentals. They also provide full plans that include flights and accommodation, rentals car and activities.

They design of their webpage makes the search more simple.


98. Domiroom

Webpage that offers holiday rental apartments, houses, bungalows, chalets and villas.

Their accommodations are located in Spain.
They have a section dedicated to recommendations so travellers can discover new places.

99. Holiday Lettings

Holiday Lettings is one of the most famous holiday rental platform in Europe and the United Kingdom.

They have the support of TripAdvisor.

Reviews from previous guests are visible so you can choose the right place for your stay.

They have rental apartments, villas and cottages.

Their search filter allows you to choose the type of activities you want to do at the chosen destination.

If you want to focus on the UK market…

100. Travel Republic:

London based company that offers flight and hotel options in different places around the world.

101. Opodo:

Mainly focused on flights but also offer hotels.

102. Ebookers:

One of the most complete (hotel, flights, apartments, etc.) based on Ireland. They have more than 270.000 hotels and apartments.

103. Hostelbookers:
Focused on hotels and hostels.

104. HostelsClub:

More than 30.000 accommodations all around the world.

105. Hostelworld:

More than 36.000 accommodations in more than 170 countries with 24/7 customer service.

106. LateRooms:

They have all kind of accommodations.

107. Crystal Travel:

Winners of the Silver British Travel Award to the best independent agency in the UK.

108. Logitravel:

They offer all kind of additional services.

109. James Villa Holidays:

More than 3.000 properties all around the world.

110. Letsgo2:

Created for luxury holidays.

111. Mercury Holidays:

Their service includes everything from flight to hotel.

112. Inspired Luxury Escape:

Created for more exclusive holidays.

113. FirstChoice:

All kind of holiday services.

114. SolmarVillas:

Created for luxury holidays.

115. Villaplus:

Focused on holidays houses.

116. Jet2Villas:

Focusing on flights and accommodations, it has experienced a great growth.

117. LastMinute:

Company with great experience that lived the Internet boom of the 90s.

They have flights and hotels.

118. ClickStay:

Created in 2003, it has more than 1000 accommodations all around the world.

119. TheHolidayLet:

Based on Birmingham, it has thousands of properties in several countries.

120. TravelStayton:

Based on London, it is completely free.

121. EuroDirectRentals:

They do not take any commission.

122. Welcome Worlwide:

Exclusively for apartments, houses and villas.

123. HomeStay:

Based on Ireland, they have accommodations all around the world with many of them on the UK.

124. VillasDirect:

More than 600.000 properties listed all around the world.

If you want to focus on the Italian market…

125. Casevacanza

This is an OTA that focuses mainly on the Italian public. This has pros and cons. Since they are so specialised, they can be the best on the field but, at the same time, they do not pay attention to the international public.

The owners of these accommodations can list their properties on their webpage at the cost of a commission (there are three types of packages).

126. Evvai

This tour operator is specialised on holidays at seaside tourist centres in Italy. They provide a wide range of exclusive daily deals that are constantly updated.

127. Lets

A great opportunity for those who want a low-cost destination. They have an updated offer in Italy and internationally.

They also have recommendations of trips and itineraries to extend your holidays and create an unforgettable experience for the guests.

128. Turista Curioso

This is the perfect webpage for those who want more than just a typical holiday destination. They want to discover new places and all their secrets. This OTA is made for adventurous travellers who like to explore and whose goal is to travel to new places around the world out of curiosity.

They also have travel packages and travel guides that are constantly updated.

They have millions of followers of Facebook, where their community comes from.

They have recently received the Innovation award from the magazine Actualidad Económica.

They operate in Italy, Spain, France and Mexico.

129. Bed-and-breakfast

A bed and breakfast OTA in Italy. Among their highlights you can find a business model directed at entrepreneurs and not hoteliers.

If we had to talk about anything bad, is that it is less used than those aforementioned, although it has many clients.

Si tu foco está en el mercado italiano…

125. Casevacanza

Es una OTA esencialmente dirigida a un público italiano. Esto puede tener un pro y una contra, ya que están especializados y por lo tanto, pueden llegar a ser el mejor en su desempeño, pero a su vez, no dirige sus esfuerzos a un público extranjero.

Los propietarios de alojamientos pueden poner sus anuncios en la web a cambio de una comisión (existen 3 tipos de paquetes).

126. Evvai

Este operador turístico está especializado en vacaciones en centros turísticos costeros en italia. Ofrece diariamente una amplia cantidad de ofertas exclusivas actualizadas constantemente.

127. Lets

Es una gran oportunidad para aquellos que apuntan por un destino a bajo coste. Presentan una oferta actualizada en Italia y en el extranjero

Aparte, Lets sugiere una serie de excursiones y itinerarios para ampliar sus vacaciones y hacer que la experiencia de sus usuarios sea inolvidable

128. Turista Curioso

Es el sitio web que buscan aquello viajeros que no se conforman con un buscar un viaje o un destino típico, sino que quieren descubrir algo más, como los secretos de los lugares a donde van. Esta OTA está destinada para personas aventureras, que les encanta explorar y cuyo objetivo es viajar para descubrir nuevos lugares del mundo que le provocan curiosidad.

Además de ofrecer paquetes de viaje, el sitio le permite consultar las guías de viaje publicadas constantemente

Tienen millones de seguidores en Facebook, por lo que su comunidad proviene de allí.

Recientemente han recibido un premio a la Innovación de la revista Actualidad Económica.

Están presentes en Italia, España, Francia y México.

129. Bed-and-breakfast

La OTA de alojamiento y desayuno en Italia . Entre sus ventajas destacamos el modelo de negocio dedicado a empresarios no hoteleros.

Si tuviéramos que destacar alguna desventaja, es que es menos utilizado que otros anteriormente mencionados, aunque tiene bastante clientela.

If you want to focus on the French market…

130. Leboncoin

Webpage leader on retail in France, leader on the automotive, real estate and employment sector. They are the fifth most visited site.

131. ParuVendu.fr.

Second most popular advertising site in France. They offer services to Internet users that want to buy, sell or rents goods and services. They are the fourth best real estate site. This search engine offers different types of products: cars, jobs, animals, services, holidays, professional businesses and more.

132. Pap Vacances

They have offices in Paris and other 6 French cities. They make sale and rental of properties easier for people by taking both seafront, mountain and countryside accommodations.


French search engine that offers holiday accommodations in France and Spain. They have different specific sections for last minute deals, weekends, seaside, ski holidays, campings, private rentals and holiday houses.

134. Promovacanes

This is one of the most important OTAs in France. It was voted twice as the best online travel agency in 2013 (Travel D Gold and Gold Preferred by FEVAD). It has also been recognized, in several occasions, by the quality of their customer relationships (2014 Awards of Relation Clients de HCG Consulting & Les Echos).

135. Gites de France

Leader in accommodations for families and groups of friends both at the seafront, city and countryside, with more than 60.000 properties in France.

136. A-gites.com

Another search engine, owned by Seloger Holidays, that offers all kind of holiday rentals in different European countries.

137. Clévacances

They offer different types of accommodations (houses, apartments, holiday clubs…) at the seafront, mountain, city or countryside, adapted to all kind of need and interests (for business, disabled) all around France. When it comes to the approval of the accommodation, they have more than 200 guidelines: comfort and feature, location, surroundings, reception, assistance, etc.

138. Mediavacances.com.

French search engine that have all kind of accommodations at the mountains, seafront and city all around the country.

139. Bedy Casa

French search engine that works with different types of accommodations and holiday properties. Some of their apartments are certified by “World Family”.

140. 1000et1Paris

Exclusive holiday rental platform for apartments in Paris.

141. Coin Prive

French search engine that offers accommodations in Europe (specifically France), Africa and North America.

142. Cotoon Alsace

This website offers holiday apartments exclusively in the Alsace region (France).

143. France Lodge Vacations

They offer exclusively holiday rental apartments and rooms in Paris. It is a member of Paris Tourism Office since 1985.

144. Locatour

This is webpage specialised in holiday rentals in France, Spain and Italy. This OTA is based in France and offers seafront, mountain, city and countryside accommodations for short and long term stays for families, couples and groups in holiday clubs, campings, holiday houses and private apartments.


It is time to renovate the holiday concept and enjoy a wide range of options to have a different experience without giving up the commodities needed to have an unforgettable experience. Whether it is family time, a romantic getaway or to go on an adventure alone and hang out with the locals, you will find all kind of alternatives perfect for you.

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