The best Channel Managers in the market: Tired of going from website to website updating your listings?

Are you tired of going from website to website creating and changing the availability of your accommodations each time you have a booking?

If it annoys you (and it is understandable) to update the price of each apartment on each webpage on specific dates and keeping everything under control and informing everyone is tiring…

You need a Channel Manager.

What is a Channel Manager?

First things first: What is a Channel Manager?

The solution to your stress.

Although, at first, those who are not into the digital world may think it is a difficult tool to understand, it is really easy once you figure it out.

A Channel Manager is a digital tool that centralises all the activity of your tourist offer in just one platform.

What are Channel Managers for?

Its uses include automatically updating the availability of your accommodation when you have a booking, in all the OTAs (Online Travel Agencies, or just online rental webpages) you have it listed, as well as the price.

It is basically a highly visual platform where you can manage all your distribution channels, your own webpage and your booking engine. This way you can be a more attentive host and hence effective, which guests appreciate.

Sometimes you can do even more.

In addition to Channel Managers, you have PMSs (Property Management System) that not only include a Channel Manager, but also have different tools that will make the management of your business a walk in the park.

We invite you to discover some of the best Channel Managers, as well as the best PMS that include automatic management of availability among its functions.

The best Channel Managers of the market for tourist accommodations

Below we listed those who, based on our experience, we consider the best:


Avaibook is, like most Channel Managers, a software for owners and rental apartment listings managers on, Expedia, HomeAway, Airbnb and more, that allows you to update the availability, prices and bookings automatically on every holiday webpage.

It also has a online payment manager that allows you to organize and handle which payments the traveller has to make and when.

The upside is that the system charges automatically, offering maximum comfort to the owner.

Another plus point of this Channel Manager is that it allows you to establish different prices by website so you can raise them or lower them in some or have the same for all the OTAs.

Avaibook works as a third entity that collects payments in advance for you, since it has a virtual TPV. Following the cancellation policies, they take care of refunds in case of cancellation.

Their own booking engine works from just one panel, that automatically manages the expiration date of bookings, the advance payment or the whole payment, both online and in person.

In addition, you can access the platform from different accounts so that all your team can use it.

One of the advantages of Avaibook is that they manage customer comments wisely, so that you can have a powerful tool, good reviews.

Avaibook has different rates for each case: the Basic package costs 10€ per month, for 5 accommodations and it includes phone support and other 21 additional features.

Advanced package costs 15€ per month, for 25 accommodations, phone support and 24 additional features.

Premium pack costs 29€ per month, for 50 accommodations, phone support and other 24 additional features.

Lastly, the most exclusive package is Leader, 47€ per month for 300 accommodations, phone support and 27 additional features.

On the next video you can watch how you can update your calendar with this software:

Avaibook has an exclusive 20% discount on all their plans for Cohosting readers. You can request it here!


Vreasy is another platform for property, guest and OTA users management.

It allows you to create listings on the different holiday rental platforms for free, central management of channels, bookings, staff, tasks, owners, payments, etc, until you gain loyalty and increase profits.

As the name implies, it is “Very Easy”, which is one of the biggest advantages.

It has online control over the calendar synchronisation on the different channels where your property is listed. This means that if your accommodation is booked on one of this webpages, it automatically cancels availability for those days on every other channel.

They use a colour code, so it is more visual and easier for you to use. In just one flance, you will know everything going on with your business.

Another advantage is the possibility of creating messages for your guests to send via email for free. It includes customisable templates for each situation that can be automatised so you are always there for your guests.

The automatic management of staff takes care of activating tasks and messages when a reservations is made.

In addition, each member of your team can have its own customised account where they can see everything they need and organize it however they want, as well as an automatic tasks manager. Once the stay time has passed, it automatically add the cleaning tasks to the appropriate person.

A notable tool of this channel manager is the ability of creating guest reports so you can send them the information that is more relevant to them.

Vreasy offers payment management with credit cards, in more than 130 currencies and several countrie, completely clear and easy.
Rates go from 79€ per month, rising as you add properties. For instance, if you have 15 properties, you will pay 94€ per month; if you have 31 properties, the monthly payments is 174€.

Here you can watch a video of Vreasy official Youtube channel where they explain the basics of their platform:


This Channel Manager positions itself as a platform that facilitates and helps holiday rental property agencies, providing dynamic and innovative solutions.

One of the advantages of Avantio is the possibility of optimising management resources, since they have an task automation tool, Harmony.

Harmony is a proactive and intelligent system that runs automated processes in real time based on what happens on a daily basis on your rental property, with the aim of connecting with the guest, promoting online check-in, payment verification and management review.

Avantio also offers the possibility of designing your own webpage with a multi-currency system that shows prices on the travellers currency, reaching a potential public that would otherwise leave, and a payment system completely holiday rental oriented.

With a multilingual system, it helps you and your staff communicate with any guest on their language.

They also an excellent tool that allows you to communicate with the staff in charge of the property, the provider’s intranet.

This tool facilitates management with external companies, helping you make automatic agreements, flexible contracts, reports and statements, so you can have a better relationship with everyone involved on your work.

This interactive section, that works for every mobile device, will help you plan and monitor tasks with external companies, like cleaning and services from providers.

They also include reports from external providers for an optimal management of all the companies they work with.

One of the special and unique features of Avantio is their statistics and activity dashboard, which has all kind of important and essential data compared by terms and time, key to the growth of your business.

Another advantage is the customisable management reports that you can export to make a in-depth analysis of your properties, bookings, cancellations, guests, profitability and growth opportunities.

Avantio’s tools allow to increment the profitability of your business, with promotional codes, among other things, that stimulates the competitive interest and increases the number of bookings.

It also provides complete security on your account, individual accounts with customisable pertmits and roles, password protected and with an unlimited number of users. Their tools conforms to the PCI DSS to process and store data about your credit card through their webpage and other platforms, protecting your company from the fraud and theft.

Regarding the price, this depends on how many tools you need. No commissions, no taxes, no permanence clause.

Although it does not explain anything about the platform itself, you can watch here a video of their headquarters and the atmosphere where they work:


Rentals United is a tool for holiday property managers and owners that, among other services, includes a Channel Manager.

It was created by four holiday rental company founders, which is a plus point since who better to know that holiday property owners need.

Their services include using their software to list properties on different holiday rental platforms, keeping up-to-date on each of them and the conditions of the OTAs, and providing a list of many of these websites.

They automatically update all the information, regarding prices, availability, pictures and descriptions, on each of the websites you have properties on.

They have flexible prices that allows, for instance, to create rates by day, depending on the number of people or the length of the stay, among others.

With Rental United you can accept payments directly from the platform’s dashboard and their payment provider MangoPay.

In addition, they also it lets you increase the number of listings, by connecting you with other providers. They have more than 250.000 rental all around the world.

Regarding their Channel Manager, they have services like static content, holiday rental listing, OTAs, distributors, meta-search engine. It includes a very visual dashboard where you can monitor everything going on with your properties and clients, as well as assigning tasks to each member of the staff or for each guest.

Rental United has an app where you can see your calendars, tasks, detailed bookings and even guest communication.

Their prices as based on the number of properties you have with a monthly payment starting at 49€.


Bookiply is a channel manager ​based in Munich and Palma de Mallorca​, ​whose innovative software offers one centralized account to manage holiday rentals across major distribution channels.

Additionally, with their offering of premium services for photos, description texts, expert consultation and customer service, Bookiply aims to optimise your listing and thereby further boost your bookings.
Bookiply distributes your listing on major portals, including their partners, Holidu, Airbnb as well as HomeAway and the Expedia group. Thanks to the consistent quality and reliability of its connection as a channel manager, even ranked Bookiply among its top 20 connectivity partners – which means in the top 3% worldwide.

With its calendar synchronization tool, Bookiply frees you from doing any manual work and avoids double bookings. With one place, one account and one login, Bookiply works to make the management of your properties easier than ever before. You have an immediate and clear overview of all bookings, guest arrivals and check-outs.

With its team of experts in the vacation rental industry, Bookiply also stands out from other channel managers due to its offering of premium services to optimise your listings. These include personal consultations, professional photoshoots, exceptional description texts (which can be translated in up to 5 languages) and a dedicated, multilingual customer service team. The customer service team in particular saves homeowners a lot of time by handling complaints and answering most inquiries from guests.

Communication with guests prior to their arrival is also automated: Bookiply sends out the booking confirmation, arrival information, an online check-in form and a reminder so that you don’t have to.
You can additionally share all of this check-in or calendar information with anyone who helps manage your property – including cleaning services, a gardener, other distribution partners or family members – without having to give them administrative rights to your account.

Furthermore, payments and booking cancellations for Bookiply homeowners are made easier than ever: payments arrive before the guests and cancellations are held to the strictest policies of each distribution channel.

One of the biggest highlights of Bookiply is its app for mobile devices. With Bookiply’s app, you can manage your rentals on-the-go with full functionality.

The price for Bookiply’s innovative software and premium services is tailored to your property and market.


It would not be possible comparing this tool with aforementioned in terms of size and number of features, but positions themselves as a 100% free alternative designer for and by small hosts that have one or just a few properties under his umbrella.

At the moment, this tool just allows you to synchronise calendars and avoid overbooking. However, they will soon have new functionalities.

If you want to get started on the holiday rental software world, particularly everything regarding Channel Managers and availability management, then Sync.Rentals can be a great option.

Other tools that include a Channel Manager among their services

If you prefer to have just one tool that allows you to manage everything, you might want to check one of the following:


Hotelogix it a software application that allows you to automate several functions of one or several accommodations. It has tools that makes it easier and quicker to manage hotels and small-medium managers.

This PMS lets you automate all the tasks of an accommodation, with a property management system, simplifying the way you handle operations and reducing the dependence on manpowers and hence manual errors.

With Hotelogix you can manage all the aspects of a hotel from just one customizables and simple platform.

They have designed a booking dashboard where you can see every reservation made for each room in real time, and the arrival and departure time. It is synchronised with all the OTA channels where you have listings and is automatically updated.

They have a programmable automatic message system for booking confirmations or monitoring of pending payments.

In addition, you can create multiple accounts on the management system so each member of your staff can be updated to everything going on in the hotel, their shifts, etc. Keep your staff updated with the notice board, the notes and reminders of Hotelogix.

With they mobile application “Hotelogix mobile hotel” you can manage your hotel from anywhere in the world, at any time, and talk with both your staff members and your clients. Streamline check-ins, check-outs and cleaning services, with reports about the current situation of your business.

They also let you change season rates, rank or any other princing plan.

With Hotelogix you can make well-informed decisions, since they have KPI records about the performance of the hotel, with real-time data.

They have a partnership with TripAdvisor to compilate reviews and raise the status of the hotels on the different booking channels, including an automatic message after check-out to ask for an opinion of the experience.

With this PMS you won’t need any more cleaning timetables, their software makes shifts easier since the platform is updated every time a rooms is empty and it is organized on a tabular format, saving time and avoiding misunderstandings.

As for the payment method, Hotelogix has three rates: Premium, 3.99€ per room per month; Premium Plus, 5.99€ per room per month; and Platinum, 8.99€ per room per month.

Here you can watch a video explaining how it works:


Kigo is a platform for managing, promoting and facilitating the way owners handle their holiday rental properties.

In general terms, they have a wide range of products designed to simplify the holiday rental property management for both owners and guests.

Kigo, as every other Channel Manager, includes calendar synchronisation for every holiday rental platform, so you do not waste your time manually updating the availability on each one of them every time you have a booking.

In addition, you can distribute listings for new apartments at the same time on every channel, the same way, with the same prices.

You can also sort the accommodations by preferences and confirm any guest request in a faster and more efficient way. In addition to storing information of each host so you have everything available for you.

With Kigo you can update all the information on the different websites, like cleaning or maintenance. Moreover, they have an electronic signature that makes all the paperwork easier.

Another advantage of Kigo are the automated email, with pre-designed templates, customizable with all the guest information and anything relevant for them. You can also create client profiles where you can add their personal information.

Kigo lets you create reports about your rental properties so you can send and save invoices or check the payment history.

Finally, Kigo allows you to create your own webpage, compatible with mobile devices and optimized for SEO searches, integrating all the tools they already offer and a multilingual service available in 6 languages so your business can grow internationally.

This platform has two web designs: Starter, the standard one with less features, and the Premium, that includes everything from the small stuff to all kind of tools to improve all the different aspects (positioning, design…).

Kigo’s rates are: Platinum, 480€ per month; Checkout, 47€ per month; and Premium websites, 57€ per month.

Here you can watch a video that explains how it works and its benefits.:


Guesty is a software that goes further than traditional Channel Managers.

Their main function is unifying all the necessary aspects for professional property managers to make your holiday rental successful.

A complete solution for short term stay rental property management.

This tool is designed to make it easier and simpler for property managers to organize, share and monitor all the information about bookings, clients and listings thanks to their property management software.

Another advantage of Guesty we have to talk about is the listing distribution they have through different channels and websites. In addition to provides the creation of your own booking customised website.

From here you can manage all the services after the reservation is made: communication, payment analysis, reports, and much more.

Like almost everyone else, Guesty lets you manage multiple accounts on different holiday rental webpages like Airbnb,, HomeAway, and other, monitoring the prices and availability on all of them.

They have an optimal feature, their inbox, where you can communicate with your guests.

This unifies the messages that come from every channel in just one place, gathering the history of your guest communication in different holiday rental platforms in just one place and storages it on a common inbox.

In addition, you can automate messages before, during and after the stay, completely customizable, and choose how to want to send them (SMS, email, etc.) so your business can grow faster and easier.

Other services they provide include the possibility of managing and filtering guest informations, bookings and staff. Easy team management (cleaning, check-in staff…) with a timetable, notes, time monitoring, etc.

Their payment processor was specifically created so holiday property managers gather information about payments in an easy, fast and trustworthy way. They also include booking rates, that can be securely charged on the check-out or any other moment, and gather under the guest reservation.

With Guesty you can see an analysis report inside the property platform where you can check your annual and monthly income per property or the annual tendencies.

As for Guesty’s rates, they take a 2-5% commission of each booking, based on the number of listings your have and the different features you add. You can choose between just the software to the full package that includes 24/7 customer support.

This fun ad will show you what Guesty is really about:


WuBook is a software that facilitates tools for a better holiday management, for both small and big businesses.

One of the tools this software provides is Rate Checker, which compares and monitor the prices and availability of your competitors you can make the necessary adjustments on prices and calendars for your holiday rental accommodations and increase the number of bookings and direct sales.

This aspect helps you analyse your strategy so you can know which is the best policy for your business and improve visibility on all the different OTAs.

Their search engine is fast and effective. It has a user-friendly and optimal graphical interface for all kind of devices: mobile, desktop or tablet.

With this service you will be able to know where and when you future hosts have checked your listing, including the conversion rate of all the users.

WuBook has a partnership with Google so your accommodation will appear on the top spots of their search engine on Google, Google Maps, Google+ and Google sites. They also work with TripAdvisor, Trivago and Yandex (Russian search engine, on the rise).

All these search engines work with Pay per Click. This tool will give you visibility and gives your business an opportunity to grow.

Another tool this software offer is the possibility of creating discounts, promotional codes and even special deals.

They have Wym, which automates the pricing strategy, optimizing sales.

You can also connect WuBook with your OTAs so you can manage online bookings and sales from just one platform, that is, with a Channel Manager, unifying availability and prices from every holiday rental platform.

WuBook’s payment method is 100% safe, since it allows credit card payment as a booking guarantee.

WuBook works with Zak, a simple, fast and innovative software that helps you manage all your rooms, client database and your and your staff daily tasks successfully.

Zak is in the cloud, therefore you can access it from any device with network connection.

Regarding their price rates, they can be divided on service packs: to hire the booking engine the price is 27€ per month, with a 2 week free trial.

For Zak’s hotel management system, 22€ per month with a 2 week free trial. Lastly, the Channel Manager rate costs 6€ per month for 1 to 3 channels, 5€ for 4-5 channels, and 4€ for more than 6 channels.

The only visual content we could find is this easy-to-understand video in Portuguese:


Your Porter is an app that helps holiday property owners, improving both guest communication and organizing a better personal coordination and optimizing bookings.

Their best feature is the app, where you can manage your Airbnb activity, verify your check-ins and check-outs, monitoring tasks and staff coordination.

Their main functions include message automation on WhatsApp, SMS or Airbnb emails, you just have to establish your criteria and the software will run them.

Thanks to this feature you can become a better host, keep an eye on our guests and answer right away.

In addition, Your Porter adds all the telephone numbers from Airbnb to your contact list.

An interesting aspect of Your Porter is that you can manage several Airbnb account in just one inbox.

They have a Channel Manager where you can update the availability and prices of your apartments on the different OTAs, without having to do it manually.

They app has a task list where you can monitor each assignment for each staff member, like cleaning, check-in and more.

If something is urgent, with this app you can send a task to your staff through WhatsApp, SMS or email. This way, when the work is done, you will receive a notification from the app.

Another useful feature is the automatic registration of the guest’s flight information and being able to monitor it so you are ready when the flight lands and if it arrives with a delay, it will notify you.

This PMS’s free rate, for just one listing on Airbnb, is free of charge for life.

The pro-host rate costs 7€ by active listing per month, billed annually, including 21-day free trial (9€ billed monthly).

Lastly, the Expanding Host rate is 5€ per listing per month, billed annually, also with a 21-day free trial (7€ billed monthly).

You can watch an how it works on the following video:


Lodgify is a software that wants to make holiday property rental management easier.

Their features go from creating your own webpage with appealing customizable templates, optimized for mobile devices, to easy online payments with credit card, with no commission or additional costs.

Taking a closer look at each of their tools, their web design provides 30 templates, with a clean, modern and appealing design, 100% customizables, created for both holiday accommodation owners, bed & breakfast or holiday property managers.

With Lodgify, your new webpage will have different sections for each aspect of your property: photos, availability calendar, reviews, bookings… It also has a multilingual integration, with up to 22 languages, linked to your social networks, that compiles guests’ comments.

Lodgify has a booking engine with completely secure credit card transactions to make the payment of your reservations immediate.

Regarding bookings, this software makes it easy for you, once the client makes a reservations, they update the availability and calculate the exact price. Clients pay in a easy and fast way through their system.

All the information about new guests and booking requests can be monitored before payment. Once the payment is made, a email is automatically sent to the guest and the availability is updated on the calendar.

All kind of currencies and payment structures are accepted (daily, nightly, weekly, monthly…), in addition to providing discounts and promotional codes.

Lodgify is also a Channel Manager that takes care of synchronising all the distribution channels and updating calendar on each rental platform where you have listings, allowing you to manage your property in a more optimal way and saving you time.

They import all the bookings that come from channels external to your booking engine, so you can manage everything from just one platform. As with the calendar, prices are also synchronised on every webpage you use.

To make your business management easier, Lodgify has created a calendar for you and inbox where you can check all the messages and bookings that enter through the different OTAs, where you can confirm all the bookings with just one click. They have email templates for frequently asked questions, welcoming or acknowledgments.

Lodgify’s rates are based on the number of properties. One accommodation costs 32€ per month with a 14-day free trial. Multi-property, with a 14-day free trial, it goes from 83€ per month to 362€ per month.

A yearly contract gives you a 20% discount, and a 2-year contract, 25%.

This video explains perfectly the uses of Lodgify:


Revinate has a reputation management software (guest reviews, customer relationship), email marketing, phone support, professional services for hotel companies or hotel chains.

Among other features, they improve direct bookings and increase guest loyalty. It is specifically designed by hotels for hoteliers.

Using this avant-garde technology from Rich Guest Profiles, they incorporate information about the guest they get from PMS, surveys and it allows customised and effective email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, thanks to all the information about guests, you can segment them in a wiser, easier and more effective way.

Revinate allows individual communication with your guests in a personal and simple way.

Another important feature is the Campaign Reporting, that evaluates the performance through campaign and revenue metrics. It compares the current performance against previous campaigns and other properties.

They have a group of professional experts on the sector to give you advice and offer strategic support on email marketing.

Revinate helps you improve your reputation to get better ratings and increase the number of comments, encouraging guests to complete surveys. Meanwhile, their software compiles reviews from TripAdvisor and Google.

Here you have a video that explains how it works:


This Channel Manager stands out as the solution for a perfect transparent synchronisation. It facilitates the work of the whole holiday rental agency.

AvailRoom has its own Channel Manager, which means they do not use an external software to synchronise the different marketing channels.

For this reason, it has a more competitive price and it also avoids synchronisation problems, since it always works from its own base.

The dynamics of AvailRoom brings many usability improvements. The Channel Manager updates the availability in all the channels in real time without the need to worry about anything else.

If a booking is created in any of the platforms, AvailRoom will show it on the main planning, updating all the other channels to synchronise all sales.

Thanks to the latest technology and the constant software update, they work 24/7 without the need of entering AvailRoom.

The booking engine of the platform can integrate your current web on the manager web or just add a booking button that will redirect to the AvailRoom servers for a fast integration. If you want a perfect integration, it can be implemented in a way that it always works under the control of the agency or the manager to have more trust, more traffic and full control with Google Analytics.

This software allows you to have 100% of your rooms for sale in all the channels at the same time to increase sales. AvailRoom takes care of closing availability automatically as you have bookings.

If the manager wishes so, you can algo control the sales limit on any of the platforms for commercial reasons.

It lets you create stay + activity promotions and it also has a discount coupons system that make sales easier with direct discounts to clients.

AvailRoom’s payment gateaway saves hours of time on managing and automating new tasks or the payments of any booking.

Reservations are charges as they enter and depending on the policy the manager has on its rates. It also returns the payment if there is any cancellation, charging the pertinent penalty.

Regarding the rates, AvailRoom highlights its free package, with a limit on the number of bookings.

In addition, it has other rates like: OS Basic, 3€ per apartment per month, with an online booking engine; OS, 5€ per apartment per month, with Channel Manager service and booking engine; OS Pro, 6€ per apartment per month, with an additional services of Rate Management; and lastly, OS Pro+, 8€ per apartment per month, with all the aforementioned services and activity management.


Elina is an intelligent centralised platform designed to increase the number of bookings, income and distribution, in order to help managers or holiday rental agencies reach their objectives.

The platform Elina has property management system, a booking engine and a Channel Manager on the same central platform.

The professional property management software has four elements that provide great benefits: property management system, sales management, property management and creating reports.

The central platform, created for short and long term stay property providers, includes a property management system, a booking engine and channel manager and distribution.

The PMS is designed and built for apartments with services, chalets and holiday rentals.

Property management includes a direct booking engine with no commision and in real time. Highly recommended for apartments with services, corporate apartments or aparthotels with more than one building, apartment or room.

They also let you integrate the booking engino on a website to increase the number of direct bookings and create loyalty with the guests.

The online bookings of Elina allow you to book in real time, process online payments and communicate with guests through their own profiles.


Icnea combines a Channel Manager and a holiday apartment manager.

On one side, the property manager has features like the booking management, where you can monitor check-ins and check-outs, payments, cleaning automated email reminders and guest appreciation.

It has a digital signature, and email and booking history. Another feature is the efficient introduction of discounts on prices, with discounts, promotional packs, daily discounts, long term discounts, etc.

It has a invoicing feature, where all they have all the information in detail or summarised.

Regarding revenue management, from Icnea you can control every payment for each booking and its prices, on a daily or monthly basis, ideal for keeping your business books under control.

With Icnea you can create rate as you like, for short or long term stays, per person, per apartment, on a daily or seasonal basis, etc.

Regarding the Channel Manager, all the booking calendar from the different OTAs where you have your holiday rental properties will be synchronised. This way, if someone make a reservation on a platform, it will automatically cancel availability on the rest of them.

They also help you create your own webpage, with a responsive design for any device (smartphone, tablet, desktop), and all the recommendations so that your website gives you more benefits and your business can grow, with higher profitability.

In addition, Icnea gives you the opportunity of having a portable reader for your ID or passports, creating memos, an activity catalog, statistics, charts and much more.

Their rates grom from 75€ per month with up to 5 properties; 120€ per month, up to 10 properties; 175€ per month, up to 20 properties; all the way to 475€ per month for 400 properties.


Italian Channel Manager. With Figaro you can update availability , rates and minimum stay for each platform and each type of apartment from just one interface with just one click.

Figaro allows you to automatically update rates on every platform and on your website or lowering the price based on the progress of the bookings. Availability is always updated in real time, eliminating the risk of overbooking.

They have a notification system by email, so you can always be updated about the automatic changes on prices, bookings, cancellations and availability.

Figaro’s receptive interface allows you to manage online sales with simplicity and speed, even on your mobile device.

Figaro has a staff full of qualified and experienced people from the sector, to offer the appropriate support on management in case there is any doubt and to help you get the most out of the software’s features:

Updates on the OTAs market
Consultancy on the activation of new platforms.
Updates on products through frequent webinars.
Training on the optimal use of the product.
Training of the strategic use of the product.

Price is built, a priori, on the needs and use the client is going to use of the program.

The quantity of accommodations and platforms are variable and it increases the costs of buying a Channel Manager. With Figaro, you can manage it on the well-defined planning that lets you spend just the right amount, in comparison with your goals and the way you work.

There are no variable rates, just a fixed rate previously established to have full control of the costs.


Booking engine that operates in multiple countries. More than 197.000 bookings go through this program daily with more than 59 million dollars on hotel revenue. They work with more than 400 distribution channels.

You can use as many sales channels as you want, with no additional costs. Thanks to their shared inventory, you can include all your accommodations and update the availability on all your channels at the same time. With the “stop sell” tool, you can make sure you are never overbooked.

Thanks to this tool, you can automate the constant change of rates, availability and bookings on your chosen PMSs and channels.

In addition, the show information and better pictures of the accommodations on all the platforms, in order to attrac more guests and increase the conversion rate.

Another advantage is that you have the possibility of offering your accommodations on multiple currencies, adapting to the different local markets. As well as establishing a minimum of days for bookings or selecting a discount rate, before the guests arrive.

In regards to the distribution strategy, Siteminder allows you to monitor what happens on all your channels from just one control panel, allowing you to see if there are any booking tendencies. And, lastly, you can an overview report on bookings and check-ins of your guests.

Ermes Hotels

The first Channel Manager in Europe with a bi-directional connection. Nowadays, Ermes Hotels is a leader in the field and it is in constant expansion both on the Italian and international market.

They work with more than 200 channels and PMS. Their interface has the best RMS on the market.

Preferred partner of Expedia, Booking, AmandaTour, Gta and more.

They do not explain the services of their channel manager in detail, but they offer the possibility of requesting a demo for any doubt you may have.

Parity Rate

They have more than 30 years of experience on the field. On their webpage, you can find 10 reasons why you should use their Channel Manager.

Easy to use, with no need of training and the need of being a computer expert.

It is is the cloud. You do not need to install anything to control the hotel management. You just need Internet and a device you can connect.

PCE certificate. They transmit tranquility since their data is always safe.

You do not need to set it up. Parity Rate does it for you. In addition, when you make updates through its channel, it updates everything integrate there, saving time, money, etc.

They are no management limits. They integrate PMS, RMS or booking engine, etc., with no additional costs.

Every platform is managed automatically. In addition to the XLM connection, thanks to the connections on web scraping, if you use OTAs with no XLM connection, with Parity Rate it will be automatically managed.

To have the competition under control, Parity Rate provides a report that shows information about the competition, saving time.

You can automatically update the price of the accommodations with the distribution system and establish your own rules and Parity Rate synchronises the new information based on the bookings you receive.

Parity Rate has rules that lets you create supplements or discounts automatically between accommodations and rates.

Constant and customised support. If something does not work properly, you will have technical support 24/7 for a personal service.


Getrix is the nº1 property management software in Italy with more than 16.000 accommodations. This software is designed for property managers. It helps the real estate agent on every aspect of their daily life, supporting it 360º.

It works as a simple and innovative property management, designed not only for big companies, but also for those who self-manage.

It is the first real estate management agency in Italy with an app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

With Getrix, sending properties to more than 50 platforms is simple and intuitive. The multiple delivery system is supported by every platform and it allows you to have a top stop on all of them.

It lets you show your property room by room with panoramic high-definition pictures, thanks to their virtual 360º tour.

They collaborate with other agencies through a contact-request system. Each agency can send other agencies on the system one or more properties requests if they have no availability on their own, without compromising the client’s privacy.

Getrix has created a very light collaboration system that allows you to create contacts between different agencies with requested portfolios and compatible properties.

They have a good cover letter and you can find on their web several services their software provides.


Located in Milan, they provide a Channel Manager with a series of features:

Flexibility: possibility of managing the prices.

Security: thanks to the bi-directional XML integration integrated on the main platforms.

Always updated: the system manages availability, prices and bookings, which allows you to save time and money to update the different platforms and avoid overbooking.

Synchronization: automatic availability update on every platform with a booking is made.

Always connected to the main platforms: you can reach all the areas around the world with hundreds of platforms.

Intelligent: the system will help you improve the distribution on the main platforms. Supported by experts, Hotelnet has a, always-available qualified staff for anything you need, in addition to having online guides at your service.

Completely integrated: with the front-end and back-office of the online booking system and the hotelnet website.

Other features:

Secure payment with credit card verification and PCI DSS certification.
Possibility of downloading the booking system from every platform connected, including the booking engine on your webpage, without the need of doing it manually.
Possibility of easily maintaining price equality or establishing an specific market for every platform.


Company with a wide experience offering IT services and software development with 25 years of technological innovation. Their services are used on hotel chains located on more than 20 countries around the world. Endorsed by projects made with IBEX-35 companies.

They provide a Channel Manager software depending on if you are an independent hotelier or a hotel chain.


Sale channels: direct integrations with Channel Managers for the automatic management of your online sales.
Bi-directional: two-way integrations to update your availability and prices automatically on every electronic selling channel.
PCI Compliance: Card management with the best security standards.
Automatic: Price and availability changes are communicated automatically through all the sale channels.
On/offline platforms: Online and offline Channel Manager.
Custom-made: you decide on which Channel Manager you wish to be integrated.

Their website shows an interesting and professional product, with a wide range of very detailed services.

In it, you can see every detail from each package they offer more closely.


On their webpage, they offer a Channel Manager software for 399€/year.

Simple system: inspired by the Google logic. They offer essential features with a intuitive interface.
It’s fast and works in real time: connecting with every platform and providing an immediate report on any change made.
Discover all the platform on the Internet: they say their clients don’t buy a software but a service to get more online bookings. They say they are the only one that offer advisory and consulting services to create new platforms and provide them with the necessary references to have privileged Activations.
Online service, like platforms: you can access their service and make any change from any device or location.
It’s safe and trustworthy: the safety protocols of the server are calibrate for maximum security. The system, the only one with double reading of data, was created to guarantee the most reliability on every operation made.
Don’t choose random platforms: They say their experience is based on the online and technogical commercial distribution. They don’t choose anything randomly. They offer their clients a powerful diversification of the sale channels. For them, platforms aren’t numbers. They are the clients they get.
Don’t use your computer resources: the system uses the company server’s resources. The connectivity is reduced for them when it comes to show webpages.
Immediate support: the system does not require any local or remote intervention. They work with their service in real time. Each update is immediately available.
You can use it from any location: the platform can be used on your tablet, desktop or mobile device.
Think about the platforms, not only for you. If platforms have good sales, so do you.
It’s cheap and developed in Italy. The Channel Manager is developed by an Italian company and has an excellent value for money.


Channel and booking manager that works with more than 110 international platforms.

Their goal is to support even the smallest companies on the online booking services, expanding the range of services they offer and the necessary tools so the owner can be independent and efficient. They don’t care if the client if a small business-owner from a bed and breakfast, this tool will save them time and increase their profits, avoiding overbooking.

Their technology is used in more than 7.000 accommodations, with a turnover of more than 500 million of euros.

Accessible from anywhere and any device. In addition to the channels, you can also manage invoices easily without the need for another software.

They have won two awards:

Premier partner on the criteria for this award are the trustworthiness, the efficiency and the ability to quickly implement news.
Preferred Airbnb partner: this recognition is linked to the level of service offered to the clients and it given to only a few in the world.

Basic features:

The only platform that check the state and performance of every channel.
A simple and intuitive calendar to manage all bookings.
Possibility of checking which online booking platforms are the most profitable
Perfectly integrated with the most used PMS
Possibility of connecting with more than 110 OTAs.
Online marketing tools (website compatible with mobile devices, DEM platform and social apps)
Set up bookings with credit card payments, Paypal, bank transfer, etc.


They have more than 30 years of experience on the field where they have reached a consolidated position. They emphasize several reasons why their company has value. One of them is how tuned with the times their solutions are, thanks to the advices they give to their clients.

In addition, they have 100% trustworthy technological partners that give security and efficiency to their platforms.

Their motto is: be there to solve. Otelia’s staff is available even on holiday season.

Otelia’s wish is to not only be providers, but also partners.

Their product portfolio has several services like a software specifically designed for hotels, residences, B&B, etc., a booking engine, a CRM system to manage guest communication, webpages for hotels, wifi networks for accommodations and even a Channel Manager.

This last feature, what interests us the most, has several key functionalities showed on their webpage:

Rate distribution on every channel with just one click.
Simultaneous fast, efficient and certified update.
Monitoring in real time.
Connectivity platforms, GDS and IDS with XML two-way interface.
Constant connection update.
Successful booking notification, cancellation or modifications via confirmation email.
Support for check-ins and check-outs.
Reduce mistakes on the updates of prices and availability.
Multiply earning on online sales.
Implement online strategies with the existing on the management system.
Track the intermediate register connecting it to the booking form.
Manage the risk of overbooking
Analyse the sale performance.


Created between Umbria and San Francisco, their goal is to provide easy-to-use and remarkable software. The quality of the software performance is measurable by speed, trustworthiness and data correction. All this to guarantee a high performance and a rapid response.

The team, made up of a great team of computer engineers and tourism experts, created Slope with the goal of simplifying and improving the work of a hotelier.

The base of Slope lies on the idea of a modern software based on the cloud, efficient and capable of adapting to a any workload, innovative and reflecting of the managing and communication needs of the sector.
They offer the possibility of a collaboration if you are a hotel consultant, a marketing agency or a commercial agent.

Among the services of their Channel Manager you can find features like:

Automatic management of closing and opening platforms
Graphic interface to minimize errors
Easy and adjustable price management
Statistics and reports
Possibility of managing the panel from any mobile device.
Gestión automática de apertura y cierre de ventas en portales


Italian software that offers a Channel Manager that provides an structure to a worldwide public while you are always in control of princes, terms and conditions. You only need to pay when you have a reservation.

Among their main features, they have a similarity with the previous Channel Manager.

They have a promotion manager where you can change prices, terms and conditions on each OTA channel comfortably.

The reasons they have for you to join then are based on the training they offer until you feel safe.

The possibility of being part of an active community where you can share your experience and listen to other people.

Their professionals have great experience on this field, so any suggestion will be shared with their clients.

They offer support the 7 days of the week, free assistance through chat, web and phone.

Winners Hotel Software

They stand out for their professionality and applications in the cloud so you can manage your property form anywhere anytime. They have training available so you can learn how to use it and a team of experts that will solve any doubt.


Perfect for both hotels and all kind of accommodations. “What every property owner really needs is a unique software that does everything. Sirvoy provides a PMS, a booking engine and a Channel Manager integrated in one complete solution, designed by us to facilitate your life”.

Easy-to-access bookings, anytime, anywhere. You don’t need any installation or update.

Their objective is to be the most economic and easy-to-use booking system.


Created for all kind of accommodations. This company has experimented a great growth since it was launched on 2012 and it operates in more than 100 countries. They gran a great team of expert that speaks more than 17 languages and are located all around the world.

Booking Automation

Canadian company with a demo in more than 20 languages that works in 130 countries. They have quality requirements and an efficient system that reduces the management time and improves the conversion rate.


Perfect for any kind of accommodation (from big hotels to small apartments), they offer a great integration of all the services of an application. They update channels in an integrated and automatic way.


They have an advance system of notifications that allows you to send emails at different times of the reservation process:

Automatic notification after checkout to request reviews.
Automatic notification after checkin for a discount coupon for a future stay (low season).
Automatic notification when the booking is made.

You can customize automatic notifications according to your needs.


“All-in-one” solution for apartment and independent hotel management.


Company that takes care of apartment management, that has a Channel Manager in collaboration with Rentals United.


They stand out for their intuitive and effective interface, where you can find their rates with just one click and quick booking management. They take care the rates for OTAs, GDS, IDS, wholesalers, mobile applications and social networks, with just one click.


Lodgable is free and they maintain that price forever. They work with more than 60 booking platforms.

Channel Grabber

Their prices go from 180$/month for owners with more than 500 requests a month, to 2880$/month for owner with more than 50000 bookings per month. It is designed for big apartment and hotel managers.

Ezee Centrix

Complete service manager designed mainly for hotels.


Created for all kind of establishment. Among their services, in addition to the Channel Manager, they have a PMS, an online booking system and payment gateway.

They have a customizable price according to the type of accommodation, the number of properties and the number of OTAs you have.


Easy-to-use and intuitive.


Create in 2015, they are located in 3 cities (Barcelona, Toronto and Helsinki), but they have clients in many countries. One of the companies with the most services.


They have quality and very complete services. They have more than 10 years of experience on the hotel world.


Designed for small hotels and tourist apartments. They have 4 rate packages according to the needs of every owner. From the basic (19.90€) to a VIP (55.99€).


They offer management registers, payments options, invoices, bookings in real time, check-ins and check-outs management, accommodation listings, key handover service, property report, rental guarantee and pricing management in real time.

They are part of the international group Keeward.


They offer calendar, availability, pricing and booking updates to small hosting companies in more than 50 websites. Their key features are the support of the biggest online travel agencies, the competitive rates, 0% commission, no additional charges for installation and flexible and independent use.

Their team is located in France (Lyon).


An online booking system with no commissions or addition installation charges for hotels, guest houses and tourist residences. All their developments are made in France and they work with 250 websites.

They have a booking engine with an specific complement for WordPress for 17€/month. The available option for the integration of the booking engine with responsive design is available for 57.75€/month.

In addition, their PMS connection was specially designed to allow communications with the management software package, two-way calendar synchronisation and updated information.


All the reservations as taken directly by the Misterbooking software. All the information about clients, bookings and credit cards are automatically registered.

In addition, the client can see the availability in real time and it’s booked on a stylish and safe interface. Rates, discounts and promotional codes can be controlled from the software. They offer a simple and fast integration.


In conclusion, nowadays any manager or owner of one or several holiday properties should have the Channeñ Manager that best adapts to its need, so they can be more competitive, effective and increase profits.

It depends on the way you manage them, the type of accommodations, how you work with them. Choose the Channel Manager that makes you more comfortable and you identify the most with.

From Cohosting, we hope this article helps you to discover more about the Channel Manager world and that it helps you decide what is best for you business.

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