We complement your serviced apartment with services and installations

Traditionally, hotels make up to 10% of their income in commissions from selling a great range of services such as activities or tours but… How much does an Airbnb owner make? Nothing.

Cohosting is a free tool that will help you offer a flawless experience to your guests, while you make money on commissions for each sale. The best part, we take care of everything: suppliers, customer service, and marketing.

  • Meet your guest’\s expectations

  • Make money on every transaction

  • Save time and money every day


Cohosting Services

At Cohosting we deal with local suppliers for you by gathering services, activities and exclusive installations in your city. Some of the most popular services are transfer, babysitting, 24/7 doctor, access to events and monuments, grocery shopping… and many more. By offering these services to your guests, you will help them have a whole 5-star experience while making money thanks to our deals with local suppliers.

Your apartment´s dedicated page

We know trust is key. That´s why we will create a dedicated page for your apartment where your guests will be able to find and book services and other extras. Moreover, they will also have access to valuable information about the apartment itself, the surroundings, monuments to visit, among many other things.

More importantly, your page will adapt to your different guests automatically, so we aim for a full custom and personal experience.


How it works

It simply takes 4 steps to join the community and begin offering all kinds of complementary services.


Create an account

To do this we only need is your apartment´s location and an email. Once we have them, a member of the team will contact you to request all remaining details to proceed to registration.



After registration is done, we will create your apartment´s page without you having to do a thing. We will customise your page manually so we can guarantee the maximum level of quality.


Send the link

The only thing you will have to do to communicate Cohosting to your guests is to send the link of your apartment which we will provide. The best way to do it is by adding it to your confirmation email but we can do much more. We will tell you about it.


Earn money

You will make a commission for each booking your guests make with Cohosting. The more you communicate Cohosting, the more money you make as well as increase your guest´s satisfaction.

That´s all!

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