We complement your accommodation with services, tours and excursions

Traditionally, hotels and accommodations make up to 10% of their income in commissions from selling a great range of services such as activities or tours but… How much time does it take?

Cohosting is tool that will help you offering a flawless experience to your guests, while making money based on commissions. The best part, we take care of everything: suppliers, customer service, and marketing.

  • Meet your guest´s expectations

  • Make money on every transaction

  • Save time and money every day


Cohosting Services

Cohosting deals with local suppliers and your own ones for you. Some of the most popular services are transfer, babysitting, 24/7 doctor, access to events and monuments... and many more. By offering these services to your guests.

Your own Guest Book

Complent your own web site with a Guest Book so that you guests can book services prior arrival Cohosting will weekly update your Guest Book with new events, monuments, restaurants...


How it works

In just 4 steps you will be ready to offer all kind of extra services.


Create an account

Once created Cohosting will contact you within 24 hours.



After registration is done, we will set up your Guest Book and Control Panel without you having to do a thing. You will be able to personalise it afterwards.



Link Cohosting to your own website and add the link on your confirmation email.


We show you

We will meet and show how easy Cohosting is.

That´s all!

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