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I am travelling
I am hosting

Can I book services and experiences outside of COHOSTING?:

All the services provided by COHOSTING need to be booked on

Can I still book things after checking in my accommodation?:

Yes, you can. We advise you to organize as much as you can before your trip, as some of the activities and services have to be booked at least 24 hours in advance. There are some services that can only be requested the day before of the service.

Can I book more than one service or experience?:

Yes, you can book as many services and experiences as you want.

Do you have special prices for seniors, disable people and kids?:

Each experience has a different fee policy, in many cases kids under a certain age will not pay.

How can I ask questions about services or experiences before booking?:

Send us an email through and our guest experience team will get back to you within 24 hours.

When will my account be credited?:

For all the instant reservations taking place in COHOSTING the payment will be charged right the way. If you are requesting a service that needs to be confirmed by your accommodation, then your account will be debited once the service is confirmed by your accommodation.

Can I pay in my own currency?:

All the prices are given in euros (€), but you can still book with your credit card without having to change the money first. Your bank may apply a credit card conversion fee.

I haven’t receive my Boucher, What can I do?:

Please make sure you have checked your spam box, if it is not there contact us on

How do I use my Boucher?:

There are two types of Boucher, printed and digital, depending on the type of service or experience you might need one or another. In most of the cases you will need to present your Boucher and a ID with a valid photo to have access to the experience or receive the service, so COHOSTING advice you to always have a printed copy with you.

What Can I do if my Airport pick up is not there?:

24 Hours before your arrival, the driver will have your contact details to contact you if something happens. As a first option, we ask you to call the number given on our confirmation email.

Some of us don’t have an ID with a valid photo, What Can I do?:

No everyone needs to have an ID, as long as the person who has booked has a valid ID, it should be ok.

Can they take me back to my accommodation or the city centre after my experience is finished?:

You will have to ask your experience leader on the day of the experience.

When does my experience start?:

The time will be shown on website when booking. We recommend you to be there at least fifteen minutes in advance.

Can I book my accommodation or rent a car on COHOSTING?:

COHOSTING is a community that offers extra services so we do not handle flights, apartments booking or car rentals. We offer discounts when booking some of the previous services.

How Can I get a travel insurance?:

COHOSTING does not offer an insurance package. We advise you to get covered with an insurance company from your city home.

I want to book an experience just for me or a group of friends, Is it possible?:

Some of the experiences in COHOSTING are private, we also offer the option if designing your own experience.

What are the benefits of using COHOSTING?

Avoid frauds
At a glance
More informtion
Easy to use
Stay organized
Built by locals
No languages barries
Save time
Best local experiences

How can COHOSTING ensure a high quality service?:

Having as aim our guest satisfaction, we are always looking for new ways of improving our services as well as increase our accommodation services. COHOSTING keeps very good closed partnerships to guaranteed good quality, security and comfort.

How belongs to the COHOSTING community

Our community has three main type of members:
Hosts, members hosting people in their homes. These members are the ones giving access to guests and earning extra incomes thanks to our recommendations.
Local tours guide and service suppleirs, community members qualified to share their knowledge and services with guests and hosts, earning money.
Partners, Professional tourism Services based company offering services, experiences to our guests.
Guests, members with an accommodation booked and an access code given by a Hosts.

How can guarantee that a bad experience will not affect my rating?

COHOSTING has a guest experience team that will handle all negative comments. You will just have to send us the review and we will manage the rest. COHOSTING offers a How and When to use COHOSTING where we advise you how to handle negative reviews.

How can COHOSTING ensure a good high quality service?

THaving as aim our guest satisfaction, we are always looking for new ways of improving our services as well as increase our accommodation services. COHOSTING keeps very good closed partnerships to guaranteed good quality, security and comfort.

How does COHOSTING stay innovated?

COHOSTING is always going through recycling process and participating in local events, apart from be a member in some of the main Holiday Rental official groups.

What are COHOSTING´S benefits for my guests?

Avoid fraud
At a glance
More information
Easy to use
Stay organized
Built by locals
No languages barriers
Save time
Best local experiences

What are COHOSTING´S benefits as an accommodation?

Better exposure
Target your desired market
Increase your services
Increase your bookings
Increase your average rate
Better local information
Better check in
Less emails prior arrival
Less calls during the stay
Better communication
Increase your commissions
Exposure in social media

How does COHOSTING guarantee a secured payment process?

All of our payments go through two security checks, one proceed by the credit card company and the other one by our bank.

Can I decide my own fees for the extra services managed by me?

Yes, We advise you to check other host´s fees.

What happens if my guest has troubles finding the service supplier or tour guide?

COHOSTING will give your guest our partners contact details 24hrs before the day of the experience, and the other way around. Like this we can ensure that they will call each other in case of an issue.

How can my guest identify himself on an easy way during his experience?

All of our guest will have a Boucher that can be used to identify himself and double check the information reserved. The local host or partners will also have this Boucher.

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