Luggage transfer
Let us storage your luggage and give it to you at the Airport
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The service

Luggage delivery from your doorstep to the airport. Book before 10pm the day before and make the most on the last day of your trip without worrying about bags.

How it works

1. Choose an available time slot
2. Tell us how many pieces of luggage you want us to carry
3. Our team collects your luggage from your accommodation
4. Our team hands your luggage over to you later on the day at the airport

Trust & Safety

Bags are sealed, tracked and insured Professionals concierges According to Aviation Security Regulation 247 customer support


Where do I collect my luggage?

What are your operating times?

What are the luggage weight limits?

How much do I pay per luggage?

How long can you keep my luggage for?

How long are the time slots?

From where to where Can I send my luggages?

Why do you need a flight number to book?

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