Arallo Madrid

Spanish, Vegetarian Calle Reina, 31, 28004

We don't follow any standards, we like breaking the rules but always with an excuse. Arallo is the kingdom of whatever whenever however.

Arzábal Retiro

Spanish, Vegetarian, celiac Calle Menéndez Pelayo, 13, 28009

Culture and art merge together in a dynamic restaurant with a traditional ¨renovated¨ food market cuisine, so that you live a complete gastronomy experience.

Café Comercial

Spanish, Mediterranean Glorieta de Bilbao, 7, 28004

Its 130 years of history has proved the quality of Café Comercial, enjoy it at any time at the counter or at the restaurant. Its cuisine has managed to keep the tradition of a local market style. Discover a brunch by Café Oliver every Sunday.


Fusion, International Calle de Padre Damián, 23. 28036

High end cuisine by chef David Muñoz, a new unexplored ways of understanding the gastronomic experience.

Bendita Locura Coffee & Dreams

Spanish, International, Mediterranean Calle del Príncipe de Vergara, 73 28006 Madrid

It’s a coffee shop, charming restaurant and a bar where you will feel comfortable at anytime of the day.


Spanish, Mediterranean Calle Sagasta, nº 29

The concept of this restaurant turns around simplicity, although it is somehow unreal as there is a lot of hard work in order to achieve excellence.


International, Vegetarian C/ San Gregorio 8

Frida follows a gastrobar style with a wide range of unique dishes. Friday introduces itself as the place to have a great time either inside or outside on its terrasse.

Goiko Grill - Pez Madrid

American Calle del Pez, 36

Goiko Grill is a famous gourmet burger chain with the best burgers and atmosphere that will make you feels like at home.


International, Mediterranean C/ de Génova, 28

In the heart of Madrid, Habanera invites you to enjoy a tropical meal without leaving the capital of Spain. Cuba is presented in this new colonial style restaurant.

La Tasquita de Enfrente

Spanish, Fusion Calle de la Ballesta, 6

The history of this place is the story of a family business which has evolved and adapted over time. They join the modern day cuisine with a special traditional touch.

Canalla Bistro Madrid

Fusion, International, Mediterranean Calle de Goya, 5-7, 28001

Canalla Bistro, by Chef Ricard Camarena (3 Michelin Stars and 3 Redsol Suns), has come to Madrid to offer you surprising dishes that combine the best raw material with elaborations filled with personality.

Carbón Negro

Spanish, Mediterranean Calle Juan Bravo nº 37

Carbón Negro approaches food from its origins and season, cooked on grills.

CEBO Madrid

Spanish, Catalonian Carrera de S. Jerónimo, 34. 28014 Madrid

It is an exclusive culinary offer based on a contemporary concept, progressive and free cuisine, working with local product according to season.

El invernadero

Spanish, Fusion Calle Ponzano, 85. Madrid

The high cuisine of chef Rodrigo de la Calle offers you a gastronomic suggestion based on the value of the vegetal world in the kitchen with a “Vegetalia” concept.

Bosco de Lobos

Italian, Mediterranean COAM, Calle de Hortaleza, 63, 28004 Madrid

Bosco de Lobos invites you to enjoy its Italian and mediterranean cuisine in a garden setting located in the heart of Madrid.


Spanish, International C/ Ferraz, 36

This small restaurant located in Ferraz street offers you international cuisine with a touch of tradition.

Goiko Grill - Princesa

American Princesa, 26

Goiko Grill is a famous gourmet burger chain with the best burgers and atmosphere that will make you feels like at home.

Glass Mar

Spanish, Fusion Calle Carrera de San jerónimo 34

Let yourself to be seduced by a space on the ground with a sea flavor.


Spanish, Fusion, Mediterranean Calle de Ibiza, 4, 28009 Madrid

The place where the gastronomy is honoured with a creative fusion from different parts of the world.

Mamá Campo

Spanish, Mediterranean Trafalgar 22

Mamá Campo is the result of a chef looking for local fresh and authentic products. All the way from the field to the store and then to the kitchen Mama Campo was one of the first in Madrid to offer organic products and products from small local supplier

La Bien Aparecida

Spanish, Local environment Calle de Jorge Juan, 8, 28001

Delight yourself with the traditional updated cuisine, and flavors that makes your visit a real gastronomic experience.

La Tasquería

Spanish, Local environment Calle Duque de Sesto, 48, 28009 Madrid

La Tasquería is a rediscovery of Madrid’s gastronomic tradition through the reinvention of the offal cuisine with an avant-garde concept that takes care of the product with a fun and thought-provoking presentation.


International, South American Calle Jorge Juan, 20, 28001

Forget the noise of the city thanks to "Amazonico" . Its exotic fake plants everywhere and every detail of the decoration will take you to the Amazon forest, to offer you a tropical cuisine at any time of the day.

La Terraza del Casino by Paco Roncero

Spanish, International, Mediterranean Calle de Alcalá, 15

Led by Paco Roncero, La Terraza has become in one of the most innovative catering industry options in the Spanish capital to enjoy delicious dishes in one of the most amazing places of the Casino Madrid.

Arzábal Reina Sofía

Spanish, Vegetarian, celiac Edificio Sabatini, Museo Reina Sofía, Calle de Santa Isabel, 52, 28012

Culture and art merge together in a dynamic restaurant with a traditional ¨renovated¨ food market cuisine, so that you live a complete gastronomy experience.

Café Central

Spanish, Local environment Plaza del Ángel 10

It is more than a restaurant, it is a modernist Jazz club to enjoy daily performances and its eclectic cuisine.


Spanish, Mediterranean Plaza del Ángel, 12. Madrid

Taste its mediterranean dishes with contemporary touches while enjoying an elegant salon with abstract paintings.

Goiko Grill - Embajadores Madrid

American Embajadores 100

Goiko Grill is a famous gourmet burger chain with the best burgers and atmosphere that will make you feels like at home.

Las chicas, los chicos y los maniquís

Spanish, Vegetarian Axel Hotel Madrid. Atocha 49

Taste the traditional flavors of the local culture, all of it in an atmosphere that will take you back to the 80’s.


Spanish, French Carrera de San Jerónimo, 8

Lhardy is one of those restaurants of the city center that can easily say that has one of the best and most recognized gastronomy, experienced, this is place its to be considered part of the history.

Brasserie Antoinette

International, French Calle Preciados 34, 28013

Brasserie Antoinette offers you a cuisine based on Parisian Brasseries styles and techniques: great classics of the French culinary art.

Gran Clavel

Spanish, International Gran Vía, 11 28013

It is a place for everyone. Three in one: wine bar, dining room and "vermuteria" (a place where people meet to drink wine, especially vermouth).


Spanish Calle Virgen de los Peligros, 8, 28013

Madrid has always places to discover, places such as Hojaldreria, a restaurant with an special techniques when it comes to desserts, sweets and good service.


International, Japanese Calle Flor Baja, 5

Taste, discover, enjoy and try from sushis to tempura, this place offers you a wide variety of Japanese food. A Japanese minimalist restaurant with artistic walls.

La Primera

Spanish, Fusion Gran Vía, 1, 28013

High quality and Cantabrian influences with a contemporary touch are the main ingredients of its cuisine.

Numa Pompilio

International, Italian, Mediterranean Calle de Velázquez, 18, 28001

Discover the great classics of Italian cuisine and their fusion with the international cuisine in an atmosphere that will take you back to the most romantic times.


Italian, Mediterranean Calle de Velázquez, 18

Delight yourself with a 100% italian menu that offers you classical and innovative dishes to enjoy in a traditional neapolitan trattoria with a refined interior design.


Fusion, International, Peruvian Calle de María de Molina, 4, 28006

Your palate will enjoy a festival of flavours thanks to a signature cuisine with peruvian influences as a result of chef Gonzalo Menéndez trips to the Andean country.

Punto MX

International, Mexican General Pardiñas Nº 40 B, 28001

If we had to define Puro MX, we should use chef Roberto Ruiz’s own words. For him change is a natural progression and, for years, the chef and his team have been conveying the purest taste of Mexico into their cooking.

Ramón Freixa

Spanish, Mediterranean Calle de Claudio Coello, 67, 28001 Madrid

It is a a place where the senses are awakened by the discovery that nothing is what it appears and where the taste buds decipher what the eyes are incapable of seeing.

La Jefa

Spanish, Fusion, Vegetarian Calle de Recoletos 14, 28001

It is a great example of what is known as colonial cuisine. Smells, flavours and textures on each plate that will make you travel around the world.

Revoltosa Prado

Spanish, Local environment Calle del Prado, 4.

It is a tribute to Madrid, an authentic tavern to try a traditional cuisine, meet people while enjoying a beer with friends standing next to the bar area.


Spanish, Fusion, Mediterranean Calle de Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, 11

It’s a classic in Madrid. It’s a place where people talk about “sachismo” like a religion or faith linked to enjoyment of tasty dishes.


Spanish, International Calle Santa María 39 (Metro Antón Martín)

We already have told you that (some of our favorite restaurants) opened another interesting but more affordable place, Tandem is known as Triciclo little brother, a vintage and charming place to enjoy a good time.


Fusion, International Calle Sta. María, 28, 28014

TriCiclo brings the best gastronomy to those who enjoy food, while mixing flavors and tasting different products.

Le Cocó

Spanish, Mediterranean Calle Barbieri 15 (Metro Chueca)

From breakfast to dinner, you can delight your palate with different flavors in a restaurant that will call your attention thanks to its cared decoration, its facade in “Tiffany” blue color and the large windows.

Zoko Madrid

Fusion, International Avenida Menéndez Pelayo, 27

Enjoy an authentic culinary experience at Zoko. They have a traditional fusion cuisine influenced by Cadiz, Mexico, Peru, and Thailand, where the highlight is their signature dish, the Wild Bluefin Almadraba Tuna.

Goizeko Kabi

Spanish, Basque

Getting know the temple of gastronomy with roots, a place where the real culinary crafts are based on the traditional Basque cuisine.


Spanish, International, Mediterranean Calle del almendro 9

Astor shows that there is still room for creativity, innovation and good work in the hospitality sector, where the decoration mixes several styles, from exposed bricks, wood and white walls with elegant mirrors, to the always elegant chandeliers of the ce

Mú! El placer de la carne

Argentinian, South American Calle Chinchilla 3

Specialized in grilled meat done with quebracho carbon and the best Argentinian meat cuts.

niMú barquillo

Vegan, Mediterranean Calle Barquillo 40

niMÚ Bistró is, as they define themselves, the new restaurant in Madrid of the modern kitchen tendency. And if they affirm it, it is because they are sure of what they do. This modern restaurant presents a vintage decoration and an undeniably cozy atmos

Inclán Brutal Bar

Spanish, Fusion, International Alvarez Gato 4

Large vision of traditional Spanish cuisine. From purely Mediterranean paellas to tapas influenced by oriental gastronomy. An authentic Tapas Club where the chef's creativity and respect for the product are above the perfect mathematics. Dare to discover

Angelita Madrid

Spanish, International, Vegetarian Calle Reina 4

Angelita is the new project of the Villalón brothers where the wine bar and the American bar are the heart of the project. All this without giving up with the food, they present us traditional updated dishes. They offer more than 500 wine references. Add

Casa Jaguar

International, Peruvian, South American Calle de los Caños del Peral, 9, 28013

Casa Jaguar is a special restaurant because it takes a tour through many of the dishes that define the essence of South America. A route that, like the feared feline that gives it its name, goes from Mexico to Argentina.

Trattoria Malatesta

Spanish, International, Italian Calle Coloreros 5

Simply a quality Italian cuisine at a reasonable price, in a cozy atmosphere with the charisma of old Madrid that we like the most.

Miyama Flor baja

Asian, Japanese Calle de la flor baja 5

In the same place as the mythical Tokio Taro, in September of 2004 MIYAMA (literally, "the beautiful mountain") is inaugurated. It takes over from the great Masao Kikuchi in offering the complex art of sushi in the heart of the Gran Vía in Madrid. The pl

La Hummuseria

Spanish, Vegetarian, Mediterranean Calle Hernan cortes 8

A vegetarian restaurant dedicated to hummus in the center of Madrid. We always cook with fresh ingredients and lots of passion.

La Cabaña Argentina

International, Argentinian, South American calle ventura de la Vega 10, 28014 Madrid, España

In the down town you will find an argentinian gastronomic air , where you will delight traditional preparations from Tango country.


Fusion, Vegan, Thai Calle del clavel, 7, 28004

The Bambubox restaurant is located right in the center of the capital to bring the best of the Thai gastronomic world to the city of Madrid. The restaurant offers typical dishes of Thai cuisine with a good quality price relation.

Mad Cafe

American, celiac Calle de la cava alta 13

Our story started one of the many afternoons in which three friends from the school met to take some beers. That afternoon we decided to talk about the burgers that we dreamed about and we started to fantasize about the place we would like to it them. It

Vietnam Restaurante

International, Asian, Vietnamese Calle de las Huertas, 4, 28012

The Vietnam restaurant is located in Huertas street in a pleasant and cosy environment of Madrid, allowing the exquisite Vietnamese cuisine to gain a place in the gastronomy of our country. This restaurant offers an extensive menu of traditional Vietnames

Inti de Oro

International, Peruvian, South American Calle Ventura de la vega 12

We have been believing on the peruvian cuisine in madrid for 25 years. a kitchen internationally recognized that unifies the flavors of the four continents in a single country.

La Cocina del desierto

International, Moroccan, Middle Eastern Calle Barbieri 1

The Desert Kitchen (Al-Jayma) offers the best of Arab cuisine with a great Bedouin impact. Our decoration and environment will transport you to the Arab world.


American, Creole Calle pez 15

The Chef, Matthew Scott, native from New Orleans, worked in Bayona, leading one of the most outstanding restaurants of the harbour. Settled in Madrid since 1996, learned the spanish dishes in Pedro Larumbre and El Amparo kitchens, and made his own interpr

Dionisos Huertas

Greek, Mediterranean Calle Leon 17

Our culture, our traditions, our history and many of our words have Greek roots. Therefore it is logical (from the Greek "logos") that in las Letras district it is possible to find the Dionisos restaurant. A charming space that demonstrates that with each

La Casa Tomada

International, American, South American Calle San Lorenzo, 9

La Casa Tomada, restaurant and gallery, is a meeting place dedicated to generate feelings. We are also an art gallery that seeks to support all emerging artists who are interested in exhibiting in our facilities, offering two different spaces, one for the

Mesón del Bacalao

International, Mediterranean, Portuguese Calle del reloj, 16, 28013

Portuguese restaurant with Traditional cuisine in the center of Madrid. We have a wide range of nice Atlantic gastronomy, to please the palate of those who want to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in the heart of the capital.


International, Middle Eastern, Persian Calle San bernardino 1

Restaurant specialized in Persian cuisine. In a cozy atmosphere and leaving behind the ornate ornamentation of exotic restaurants, you will find a wide range of grilled meats.

Cherry Pecas

Vegetarian, Vegan, Mexican Paseo San Francisco de Sales, 17. Madrid, España

Enjoy a different concept with the best “mexditerránea” food, which mixes the best mediterranean ingredients to prepare Tex mex dishes. There, you can taste a fusion of flavors to that you have a different and funny dinner.


International, Persian, Russian Calle Yeseros 2

One of the oldest Russian restaurants in the city. It offers a type of international and Russian cuisine with innovative and creative touches.

El Mandela

International, North African, African Calle independencia 1, 28013

Mandela is a sub-Saharan African restaurant located in the center of Madrid. Here you can taste famous dishes of the traditional African cuisine, besides our excellent coffees or teas combined with our juicy homemade cakes in a cozy and simple atmosphere

Taste of India

Asian, Indian Calle Nuñez de arce, 15

Taste of India Madrid is a traditional Indian food restaurant where you can live an experience full of flavors and a journey of sensations. Here you can reserve your table for any day of the week and at any time.

O´neill´s irish pub

International, English and Irish Calle principe 12

The Irish pub is the link that holds social life together in Ireland. The pub is an institution where all are welcome, its the small Irish embassy in Spain. Official Irish pub houses the longest and most important history of Irish pubs in Spain.

Kebapchi Jalo

International, Middle Eastern, Turkish Calle del Ave María, 39, 28012

Jalo Restaurant has been offering the most authentic flavors of our land since 1999. We offer a healthy and high quality Arabic-Turkish cuisine in which the tradition prevails. We have kept the elaboration and recipes that we have learned from our ancesto

La GuinGuette

International, French Calle de segovia 13

Welcome to the Guinguette! A festive and playful place where you will find the spirit of the Parisian snack bars (called "Guinguettes"). But, what is it like the Guinguette nowadays? Bulks 100% organic and economical French wines! -foie gras, rillettes,

Café Racer Kiev

Eastern Europe, Mediterranean Calle cava baja 38

Brewery restaurant in the Latina district. More than 40 varieties of beers and the best traditional Ukrainian and Eastern European cuisine.

El Tesoro

Asian, Chinese Calle Hortaleza 19

El Tesoro restaurant is located in a central street called Hortaleza, very close to the Gran Vía of Madrid. It is a place to enjoy authentic Asian food in one of the most atmospheric areas of the capital.

La Libanesa

Libanes, Middle Eastern Calle Jacometrezo, 15

La Libanesa Kebab offers you the most exquisite variety of Kebab you can find in Madrid.

El Tormo

Spanish, Fusion, Local environment Travesía de las Vistillas, 13 28005 Madrid España

Next to the Royal Palace you will find El Tormo, a flagship restaurant with influence of La Mancha cuisine and that offers you the baroque Madrid tradition of century XVII.