Pizzeria Orsini

Italian, Vegetarian, Mediterranean Calle Reyes Católicos, núm.25b.

A truly pizza place! Thanks to our cozy atmosphere divided in two floors you can enjoy our Italian cuisine ready to please all paladars. Our value for money and location cannot be improved.

Bodega Santa Cruz

Spanish, Vegetarian, Mediterranean Calle Rodrigo Caro, núm.1

It is one of the best places for tapas in Seville and due to its speechless view of the Cathedral having a table here can be sometimes difficult. Here you will find a mixture of locals and tourists.


Spanish, Fusion Calle Santander, núm.15

Who would like to travel to the jungle? Clorolifa gives you the opportunity of travelling while enjoying a good time with friends and family.


Fusion, Asian Calle Calatrava, núm.16

Sidonia is the perfect place to enjoy delicious tapas and live an experience full of colours and flavours where you enjoy a fusion between Andean and Asian gastronomy.

Doña Elviria

Spanish, Vegetarian, Mediterranean Plaza de Doña Elvira, núm.6

Located in the charming Barrio de Santa Cruz, in the famous Plaza Doña Elvira, you can find Doña Elvira, a restaurant known in Seville for all its different tapas and traditional Andalusian dishes.

Las Escobas

Spanish, Vegetarian, Mediterranean Calle Álvarez Quintero núm.62

It is the oldest tavern in Seville, it was opened back in 1386. This bar has a very nice outdoor terrace and an inside area. They offer a tasting menu.

Restaurant Bar Chigre Centro Asturiano

Asturian, Spanish, International Av. de la Ciudad Jardín, 75, 41005 Sevilla

This tapas bar invites you yo enjoy the asturian cuisine in Seville. On its menu you will find the best cantabrian flavors.


Spanish, Vegetarian, Mediterranean Calle Numancia, núm.5

It is a modern place that brings a bit of fresh air thanks to its sophisticated tapas menu that can be enjoyed inside or outside in their nice terrace.

Tommy Mel's

International, American, celiac Calle Rico Cejudo, s/n, 41005 Sevilla

Live the 50’s spirit in Tommy Mel’s while you delight your palate with the authentic american food, which is prepared with the best raw materials in an unique atmosphere. Also, the restaurant has gluten free options.

El Burladero

Spanish, Vegetarian, Mediterranean Calle Canalejas, núm.1 (Hotel Gran Meliá Colón)

This place is were Bullfighters meet so Spanish food is a must here. Located on the Melia Colon Hotel it offers a food menu elaborated by Chef David Muñoz and named Tapas & Tintos. Using red and black colours mixed with wood they have managed to create a

Lonja de Feria

Japanese, Mexican, Peruvian Plaza de Calderón de la Barca

In the famous local market of Calle Feria where you can go from shop to shop tasting a wide range of tapas, dishes and drinks full of tradition. It has an open terrace on the back facing the oldest church of Sevilla “Omnium Sanctorum”.

Duo Tapas

Andalusian, Spanish, Mediterranean Calle Calatrava, núm.10

This is a place of original flavours where its wide food offer points out a touch of modernity. Come an enjoy a new way of eating tapas.

Iguanas Ranas Centro

Vegetarian, American, Mexican Calle Santo Tomás, núm.7

We serve authentic Mexican food in the middle of Seville down town without forgetting vegetarians, gluten free food and vegans. Located next to the Archives of Indians we open from Monday to Sunday from 12h30 to 00h30. We are waiting for you!


Fusion, Japanese, Peruvian Calle Baños, núm.32

Nazca offers you a whole new experience, a Japanese-Peruvian cuisine. Get away from the boring routine and do something new and different. Delight yourself in this restaurant perfect for food lovers.

Taberna los Coloniales

Andalusian, Spanish, Mediterranean Calle Fernández y González núm. 36 y 38

It is a very well-known place due to the size of their dishes, sometimes they don’t even fit on the plate and of course their prices for where they are located right in the heart of Seville.

Casa Morales

Andalusian, Spanish, Mediterranean Calle Garcia de Vinuesa núm.11

This is the third oldest bar in Seville. It has two clear atmospheres, the first one leads to Garcia Vinuesa Street with high tables and a big counter. On Cristobal de Castillejo Street you will find the other space, a winery where low tables and high one

Hard Rock Cafe

International, American, South American Calle San Fernando, núm.3. (Junto Hotel Alfonso XIII)

Located in the heart of the city, Hard Rock Cafe Sevilla shows its unique style with a mix of music and entertainment where you will have guaranteed fun. You can also try a fusion between North America food and local ingredients.

Al Solito Posto

Italian, Vegetarian, Mediterranean Alameda de Hércules, núm.16

Italian restaurant with the best specialities from Italy and atmosphere. Fresh pasta, meat, pizzas, salads, and home dessert will be your options in this place, all of it accompanied with a wide selection of Italian Wine.

Bar Antojo

Andalusian, Fusion Calle Calatrava, núm.44

The best word to describe this restaurant is Original!. This is what you will experience in every corner and dish. At Antojo they know that being original is a must that is why you will experience a unique food selection.

Perro Viejo

Andalusian, Spanish Calle Arguijo, núm.3

You are investing in quality every time you come to Perro Viejo. It offers a gourmet menu in a cozy and warm ambience. If you like enjoying good food then, this Is a place for you.

La Mafia se sienta en la mesa

International, Italian, Mediterranean Plaza del Duque de la Victoria, núm.11

Its kitchen is based on simples recipes always using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods that bring an added value to the Italian-Mediterranean gastronomic offer.


Spanish, Mediterranean Calle Albareda, núm.22

Like the team says this is a meeting point for people from Sevilla. It is a place of traditional tapas with a modern touch. It is more than quality, Zelai offers you moments.


Andalusian, Spanish, Mediterranean Avenida de la Constitución, núm.10

This is a place full of tradition and history, their love for reading, design and music can be tasted in every single bite.

No-lugar the art company

Fusion, International, Mediterranean Calle Trajano, núm.16

A place to get lost, this is the best way to describe this restaurant. Beside food they offer you an unforgettable experience to take back home. Its art and cuisine emerge perfectly together.

Tijuana Tex Mex

International, Mexican Calle Asunción. núm.67

Located in Asuncion street just few minutes from where the famous April fest takes place this restaurant serves. Our Mexican team will make you feel as if you were in Mexico along with our quesadillas, Corona beer… a good place for families.


International, Argentinian, South American Calle Campo de los mártires 1 Sevilla, 41018

Enjoy the argentine beef flavor grilled in Milongas a restaurant known for its quality of its products, tradition and variety of wines.

KÖK tu cocina

Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Vegan Calle San Luis, 46

Acercar el infinito y apasionante mundo de la cocina al público de cualquier edad es el principal objetivo en KÖK. Un Atelier gastronómico que se destaca principalmente por su Brunch Café, abierto de martes a domingo (de 10h a 16h). Para que tengas un

Alcázar Halal

Libanes, Moroccan, Turkish Calle Tomás de Ibarra 6, 41001, Sevilla

Get familiar with 100% halal cuisine in the heart of Seville.


Moroccan, Middle Eastern, African Calle San Roque, núm.13 (Plaza del Museo)

Our aim is to share and make discover the Moroccan cuisine, apart from the astronomy we want you to also take the time to know our culture, history and tradition.

El Rincón de Beirut

Spanish, Vegan, Libanes Calle San Fernando, 21 41004 Sevilla España

It is a gastronomic space that offers italian food. There you can enjoy fresh flavors. Also, the restaurant counts with a rich variety of vegetables.

Le Tire Bouchon

Spanish, International, French Calle Chaves Nogales local 16, 41018 Sevilla

Le Tire Bouchon leaves a French touch on each one of its preparations. More than a restaurant, it is a cooking workshop where you can enjoy its products brought from France and different places of Andalusia.


Spanish, Vegetarian, Vegan C/ Luis de Vargas, 4 41001 Sevilla España

To few minutes from Plaza de Armas station and Triana bridge, you will find Gaia, a sustainable and healthy restaurant. The place offers vegan, vegetarian and raw vegan food.


Spanish, Basque, International Calle Virgen de la Victoria, 5 41011 Sevilla España

Enjoy in an innovative space with a renewed approach about traditional bistro cuisine. There is no doubt that its chef Ivan Valero will give to your palate a flavors festival through different dishes.


Andalusian, Spanish, International Calle Pérez Galdós, núm.20

Fargo is the first restaurant in Sevilla to offer BIO food based on the method ¨slow food¨. This place invites you enjoy a good and relaxing moment. Thanks to its strong flavours you will enjoy every single bite.


Andalusian, Spanish Plaza Jesús de la Redención, núm.2

Located in the Casas del Rey Hotel, this restaurant offers you a modern Andalusian cuisine. Here you will enjoy, feel and experience the city of Sevilla.


Andalusian, Spanish, Mediterranean Calle Castilla núm.147

One of the most authentic bars in Triana, its walls full of bullfighter picture will make you feel like at the arena. Locals here only drink is the 1/3 Cruzcampo beer and they used toilet paper instead of napkins.


International, Vegan, celiac Calle Golfo, 3

Located in a hidden patio in the middle of downtown its location is a treasure to be discovered. Surrounded by a colorful garden it offers you a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. La Habanita is one of the few restaurants in Seville specialized in special diet

Fez Restaurant

Moroccan, Mediterranean, African Calle San Esteban, núm.27

At Fez you will have the most representative food of Morocco, thanks to its involving flavours. All the ingredients are fresh and seasonal to that you delight your palate with Mediterranean cuisine.

Las Teresas

Andalusian, Spanish, Mediterranean Calle Santa Teresa, núm.2

This place is a very nice spot to try all type of classic tapas. At the very beginning back in 1870 it used to be a grocery shop, then it was a winery and in the 70´s a Bar. For many locals this places slices the best Iberiam Ham.

Taberna Mahareta

Andalusian, Spanish, Mediterranean Alameda de Hércules, núm.27

Is it a problem to be crazy? This restaurant teams have it cleared, this why the make sure that all his recipes has a crazy touch.


Spanish, Vegetarian, Mediterranean Calle San Fernando, núm.41

There are two types of concept implemented on our food selections; quality and good values. Quality when it comes to selecting our ingredients to elaborate our dishes and values when it comes to innovation but always respecting tradition.

La Raza

Andalusian, Spanish Avenida Isabel

A very well known restaurant in Sevilla, you will fall in love not only for its location, but for its flavors, aromas and textures. They offer a very traditional cuisine.

Taj Mahal

Asian, Indian, Indian Calle Juan Antonio Cavestany, núm.12

At Taj Mahal we have been cooking Idian food since 2006 with the goal of succeed people’s expectations. Do be afraid of spicy food!. We will cook it the way you like it, you will just have to tell our team and we will do it.

Jaipur Indian Restaurant

Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern Plaza de la Encarnación, núm.18.

Located in Plaza de la Encarnación, this restaurant has an Idian cuisine with a big impact of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi culture. Our chef uses most of the cooking methods from the north of Indian like the famous tandoor BBQ or dishes such as creamy c

Comer Con Arte

Andalusian, Spanish, Mediterranean Calle Baltasar Gracián, núm.4

Their love for food can be felt in all their dishes. Their menu creates a fusion between Mediterranean and Extremaduran gastronomy, together with the best fish from our coasts.

Hostería del Prado

Andalusian, Spanish Plaza San Sebastián, núm.1

After eating here, you will know the real taste of Sevilla. They have a selection of traditional recipes full of memories with a touch of the chef´s personality. Always keeping the real taste this place will make you have a unforgettable experience.