Discover the Roman city of Italica

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Do you know where and why is located the First Roman city in Spain?
No longer than 20 minutes from Sevilla this Roman city of Italica demonstrates a wonderful example of the Roman architecture, mosaic work and city layouts. Italica was founded in the year 206BC by General Publius Cornelius Scipio as a place of settlement for soldiers wounded in the battle of Illipa. This Roman settlement is the oldest of Spain and served as an important military outpost. The name Italica gave reference to the first settlers who came from Italy. Marcus Ulpius Trajan was born in the city in 53AD as was his successor, Aelius Hadrian in 76AD. Do not worry about learning of all this, our local guide will explain everything to you.

The master piece of our journey will be the massive amphitheater, one of the largest in the Roman Empire, that had a seating capacity of 25.000. You can wander through the tunnels where gladiators would once have walked and stand in the den which would have housed the lions. Throughout the walk the well experienced guide will tell stories and fact about the fascinating ruins of this magical place.

Before we conclude our day together on the way back to Seville we will visit the San Rafael winery where you will be given the opportunity to try a glass of typical wine from the area which has its own touch.

This journey will help understand the importance of the Roman empire back in the time.

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