Shiatsu and Kobido, the rejuvenating massages of the japanese tradition.

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Enjoy the experience of an authentic Shiatsu or Kobido massage in the tranquility of your accommodation, rejuvenate and feel the relaxation in the hands of a professional.

A long day of sightseeing around the city? You need to relax? How about a massage session?

Pamper yourself with the two star therapies at health and beauty centers in the city: Shiatsu and Kobido.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is based on the oriental concept of energy (Ki or Qi) and one of its main objectives is to allow this vital energy to flow unhindered and thus stimulate and support the natural processes of self-healing and well-being, maintaining health and helping to prevent diseases. Shiatsu treats the body in its totality, stimulating and favoring its reunion with a state of balance and natural harmony. You will feel like new after this 45 minute session in the hands of a qualified expert.

And the Kobido?

You can also request your Kobido session, the facelift without surgery. It is done by means of a massage of an approximate hour that stimulates the deep muscles in order to give tonicity to the face, to attenuate the wrinkles of expression and to drain the bags. An improvement in circulation and movement of the lymph is achieved through stimulating manipulations of pounding throughout the face, providing muscle relaxation. Its effect is approximately one month.

You will enjoy so much that you will want to book your appointment with this professional again.

What´s Included Complete massage of at least 45 minutes, with guaranteed results of relaxation and beauty.

Where is the activity located?

Casco Antiguo y La Encarnación, Santa Cruz, El Arenal, Parque de María Luisa & El Porvenir, Orillas del Guadalquivir , La Cartuja, Triana & Los Remedios, Sur, San Pablo & Santa Justa, Nervión, Sevilla, Sevilla Este, Montequinto, Gelves Simon Verde

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Length: 1 h.

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