Fun and live flamenco afternoon with Kati and Maria on a Bar

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Delight yourself in the art of Flamenco at the famous Barrio de Triana with bailaoras Kati “La Zíngara” and María “la Serrana”.

Enjoy the popular Flamenco that families, friends and artists used to make in their own homes at the Bar T, a place that surrounds you with its atmosphere in a small room on Betis Street.

Discover and authentic and intimate show, located in the area where locals eat the traditional Andalusian tapas next to the Guadalquivir river.

Feel the art of Flamenco with bailaoras Kati “la Zíngara” and María “la Serrana”, the cante and the guitar.

Learn, in both English and Spanish, everything about the history and styles of this important art.

After booking
Don't worry. Once you have booked, you will receive a confirmation email. You can get your tickets the day of the show with your name and booking number.

What´s Included
A drink is included
Performers: 4.

Visiting Hours
Frequency: Sundays, Wednesday and Friday.
Time: 21h.

Can kids go?
Kids: from 4 to 12 year old, below 4 kids are free.

Where is the activity located?

Calle Betis, 20

Orillas del Guadalquivir , Triana & Los Remedios

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From 14.00 €

Min ppl.: 1

Max ppl.: 35

Type of Voucher: Dígital

Meeting point: Calle Betis, 20

Length: 1 h.

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