Intimate Flamenco hidden between the food market store

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Is there any relation between the Lope de Vega theater and Flamenco?

The Casala Theater is probably the smallest theater in the world, with only 28 seats and 6 square meters of stage with a very intimate format. It gives you the opportunity of experiencing a show of great quality in an intimate place, located in the heart of one of the most popular districts of Seville: Triana, the birthplace of flamenco in Seville.

Even if you are a Flamenco lover and have seen a lot of flamenco shows, La Casala unexpected dimensions and location, surrounded by the scent of spices and the sweet smell of fruit of the Triana food market will make you have such communion with the artist, closeness and live flamenco.

Each of the three artists brings his own touch and personality creating a unique blend, intense and different way of feeling flamenco.

This cultural project is an approach to flamenco in a place that allows you to leave with every sense this art.

What´s Included Artists: 3.
Kids: from 7 to 11 year old.
Frequency: from Monday to Sunday.
Time: 18:30 and 20:30

Where is the activity located?

Plaza del Altozano s/n, Mercado de Triana · Puesto 11 y 12


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From 12.00 €

Min ppl.: 1

Max ppl.: 28

Type of Voucher: Dígital

Meeting point: Plaza del Altozano s/n, Mercado de Triana · Puesto 11 y 12

Length: 1 h.

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